bike manual

Trying to find a manual / book on the more sophisticated aspects of setting up the bike, and bike building. All the ones I have so far found have been elementary in the extreme.
Any ideas???


  • it's all common sense.

    honest ;)
  • Richard's Bike book got me started, er, 24 years ago.
    French champion Bernard Hinault's done a book with some diagrams for frame sizing postion etc, called Road Racing technique and training.
  • Richard's Bike Book was the best. I read that over and over again when I was ickle.

    Actual Bike Building, as in brazing and stuff ?? Errrr. Try Amazon ? Or go on the cycling newsgroups ?
  • Not actual brazing & stuff. You can't beat the experts.
    I want an airborne frame and put all the bits on I want, no compromise
  • Haynes Bike book
  • Have just come across:
    seems pretty good from first glance
    Might do me,
  • Good luck, although not sure how useful a book would be for this kind of thing.

    Books rarely recommend actual compnents to put on the bike, as the bits change all the time. Is it the saddle height, bar width, stem length you are after ?
  • Leonard Zinn's book? More maintainance though, but nice
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