Starting a Running Club

Hello, thanks for looking.

I'm interested in starting a running club where I live. I know of a few in the area, but not one in the town. I'm not wanting to create a competative running club immediately, just an organised gathering of whoever maybe interested in the first instance. Then maybe in the future it may become competative depending on members. 

I'll complete a leadership in running course so I'd be insured.

I know people on here get defensive about new running clubs opening, as they say just join the local one... but why not start you're own?

The only thing I'm bothered about, is whether local leaders of other groups may get pi**ed off with another group. Should this be a consideration?

What do ou think? Good idea? 



  • Great idea. I'm up for starting a new running club. Brilliant idea let do it Chris. Ok who else wants to join our running club where Chris lives? We can call ourselves the Where Chris Lives Harriers or maybe Where Chris Lives AC.
  • mate, your comment bored me to death. do your friends tell you how funny you are? i suppose they do. 

  • Tell you what Chris. If that's you're attitude then I resign from Where Chris Lives Stragglers.
  • Chris, it's not your fault as a forum newbie, but this exact thread comes up about once a month.

    The general conclusion is that if you just want an informal bunch of mates then go for it, but if you want a real proper affiliated running club it's a world of pain and time, and why not just join one of the local ones?

    I'm not sure you can complete a course to be insured? Is it not a lot more complicated?

  • Hi Chris

    not sure where you work, but how about starting one for your workplace, that might be easier and you can see if you enjoy it first and have the time before going bigger as it can be time consuming

    Just a thought


  • Be fair Chris you started this eXact thread two years ago and got good advice so why another?
  • good spot Mr Puffy.

    The chap clearly takes a while to get round to doing things!

  • Good spot Mr Puffy.
  • Yeah, lol. Why make the same thread twice to get the same advice? That's always awkward
  • how about we just forget about this whole thread. i'll surrender gracefully and accept that starting a running club, is probably a) never going to happen, as it would've done already, and b) if it did get set up, it would only be me in it.

    mr puffy... you've hurt me !! image


    ps. if you want to join my mint running club, just get in touch!! it'll be great

  • Good luck with your one man running club Chris. Let us know if you are racing anywhere and we can come cheer you on. " There's only only one Chrissy Chrissy Heron"


    And I agree that Mr Puffy was rather mean for exposing you. Naughty Mr Staypuft
  • Chris, don't worry, just let this whole scandal blow over for a couple of years, and then just set the exact same thread up.

    Mr Puffy, there was me thinking you were only famous for not being paid for bets you'd won! You're also a grand stalk..., i mean....investigator...

  • Hello Chris


    How did you get on, new club set up yet?image




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