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  • I'm just about to run my first 10 mile race in a few weeks. Initially I just saw 10 in the title and signed up, thinking it was a 10k. Whoops.

    However, now I'm looking forward to it. A significant jump from a 10k but not so long that training takes over my life.

  • DazTheSlug wrote (see)
     I imagine there are plenty of people who've run a 10k, who maybe see the step up to Half-Mara as a bit daunting, would jump at a 10M

    Yup, that's me exactly. I run for general fitness and enjoyment, with no specific training programme. I did my first 10M last weekend - the Flying Fox 10 in Standon, Staffordshire. A small local race, only 200 finishers. I aimed for 1:45, would have been really pleased with 1:40, and achieved 1:39, so I was well pleased with my efforts. I shall certainly be seeking out more 10 mile races in the NW, as well as continuing with 10ks, and use them to see if I feel up to a 1/2 Marathon.

  • 10m is a great distance (just to echo what's already been said). Perfect for most club runners who can easily run 10k but haven't trained for a half. I'm in for snake lane next year for my first attempt at breaking the hour (62:02 my current PB at Eccup). My favourite has to be Guy Fawkes 10 at Ripley, the only race I definitely do every year.
  • Thanks for all your comments, its really helpful to see what everyone thinks. I got the idea after living in the states where 10 miles is a really popular distance. I'll let you all know when we've got some more definate plans 

  • I echo the Guy Fawkes 10 in North Yorkshire, very very hilly but a great t-shirt and a lots of chocolate in the goody bag.

    I think that the distance is one that lots of runners miss because they think that they may as well run 3.1 extra miles and do a half.

  • Down in South Waes I'd love to see more 10 milers. You can push harder than a half and still recover for full Sunday lunch and a couple of refreshing beers image Great distance, just not enough around

  • i just signed up for the Brampton 10M next weekend. not raced the distance before (hardly ever ran that far to be fair) but really looking forward to it. 60mins would be confined to my dreams - be pleased to get 75mins.

  • Derwentwater was great last Sunday, if you ignored the frost in the hedge rows....  and a great excuse for a suet pie (rabbit) and a few beers in The Dog & Gun afterwards

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