Runners knee

I have runners knee. I'm fairly new to running and did about 3 months every day at the gym, all was going well until i then decided to switch to the road. I quickly found that the roads are much harder and before i knew it i had an injury. It appears to be RSI of the knee and will heal with rest. Does anyone know how long it will be? It's been 2 weeks already and i miss running. I did it a little tester run yesterday and it is still no good.

How do i prevent this in future? How can i speed up recovery?


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    I've suffered on and off with this for a couple of years. Generally down to overuse, increasing distance too quickly of weaker thigh muscles etc putting additional stran on the knee. On my last physio visit I has ultrasound therapy and now do let strengthening and stability exercises most days at home. This generally keeps things in tow for me.... I do single leg squats and then leg raises whilst sat on the floor. I'd you search on youtube there are videos on there that would give you a better idea. One thing, are your shoes correct for your hair and in good condition? Worn out trainers are no good for the knees! Good luck!
  • "runners knee" is not a condition as such I think you will find - it is a catch all for achy knees!

    Might be worth you reading this thread, as it's probably what's wrong.... link

  • I bought new shoes at the same time I started running on the road, they turned out to be fairly bad ones, compoundng the injury. I stopped using them but alas too late. I think the idea of weights to strengthen my thigh muscles is a good one, or perhaps i could cycle. I've had RSI a couple of times in the past but not in the knees, it was in my arm from an awkward job and then my wrist from typing, the current injury in my knee feels pretty much the same. If i stop i'm fine the next day, but i don't want to stop running, it is too much fun.

    I think also my gait for long distances isn't developed, as a youngster i prefered the short distances and sprinting. So at the gym i was doing a really fast 5Km but then outdoors i was doing a more plodding run, which i think caused additonal jarring on the knee.

    I've read the linked post, thanks, what does ITB stand for?

  • ITB

    Anyone who has had the syndrom (ITBS) knows too well how dibilitating it is.  You feel fine when you are walking, but half a mile into a run and you come juddering to a halt.....

  • I found this link which looks helpful, i'll need to re-read it a couple of times to see if that is exactly what i have, but i think, its odds on thats it.


  • where do you live, city or rural, if found running on roads painfull, i started running on the moores got a head torch an found it just as easy running at night the moores are very soft and far more enjoyable then a treadmill

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