Warm Up/Warm Down

I've just started following the Runners World training schedule for a sub-50minute 10k and some of the warm ups/downs are upto 3 miles. Why are they so long? And what speed should I be doing them? Or what heart rate zone should I be in?

Also, since concentrating more on speedwork I've noticed that my arms feel very heavy during the fast intervals and sometimes I get pins and needles in my arms and hands. The only other time this has happened was when I was hyperventilating during labour! Could it be due to my breathing being too shallow?


  • Hi acp,

    In terms of a warm up you should be looking to increase you heartrate and at the same time warm up your muscles to get ready for running at pace.  Difficult to say what heartrate you should be focusing on - depends on your resting rate.  I generally warm up for a mile - and don't worry about how fast I am running - just make sure you feel ready and loosened up for when you need to increase the speed.

    Diffucult to say what is causing your pins and needles - do try and alter your breathing.  If it continues I would seek medical advice.



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