Should I or shouldn't I?

Hi all, I'm sat here pondering whether I should run today or not. I've been following the couch to 5k and am on week 4. I was able to run 5k no problem but then my old back injury flared up and I was unable to run for about 5 weeks. So I thought I would start back following the C25k plan for some structure. Anyway, I digress. I'm trying to decided whether I should rest today or run - I've had a relatively full weekend exercise wise and so don't want to overdo it but at the same time don't want to miss a session. Here is what I have done so what do you think? Wednesday - Run (W4R1) Thursday - Rest Friday - Spinning (I go all out in these classes and work as hard as I possibly can and love it!) Saturday - Run (W4R2) Sunday - Spinning (again a hard class. I can feel my quads aching even when sitting down today) On a Tuesday I usually go on a 5mile power walk with a friend (we keep a fast pace and usually complete it in about 45-50minutes) Wednesday is a planned run day, as is Friday. Thursday and Saturday will be rest days and Sunday will be spinning again. (I usually go spinning twice a week but OH is away so I have no childcare). Should I move my run days on a day and rest today or do you think it will be ok to carry on today as planned and wait til Thursday for my rest day?


  • Hi Rennie, am sure some more knowledgable fold will be around soon but imho you should follow what your body is saying to you. I too suffer from a recurring lower back problem (op on my L5/L4 10 years ago) and have found cycling/spinning can make it flare up it whilst walking/running can actually help it.

    Personally an easy WR should be fine but do remember to have some 'me' time and relax.

  • Hi Andi,

    Thank you for replying. My back is a weird one, when it flares up I find running (and walking sometimes) is painful but cycling isn't. My physio did explain it to me but I can't remember everything she said.

    My little boy is having a nap now so once he's awake and fed, I'll crack on with the run. Thank you.
  • Mp Rennie and yes, I guess there are many different back issues, just take things easy and you probably know your limits better than anybody.

  • Thanks Andi. I went out this afternoon after my little un woke up. It went ok, although I'd forgotten how much harder it is to run with a pushchair! Especially when running into a headwind.
  • hehe that would have been a good workout then and think how much faster you'll run when you don't have a pushchair with you image

  • That's I'm hoping! Although I had to drop back to week 3 as I found the 5 minute runs really hard with the pushchair. Might have to repeat week 3 runs before going back to week 4 with the pushchair.
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