Upper and lower leg pain

Hi all,

I've been running now for about 6 months now and joined a running club about 4 weeks ago which has helped massively. I have done quite a few 6 mile runs and have just recently done a couple of longer runs.

I run about 20 miles a week which is a mix of a 6 mile club run, a 6 mile run on my own and a longer run on saturday.

I did my first 12.5 mile run a couple of weeks ago and found that I had quite bad hip and upper leg pain along with the normal calf muscle pain about 9 miles into the run.

It went away after a day or so and then carried on with my normal club runs etc..

I then did another 13.5 mile run on Friday. My upper leg, hip and calf muscle pain came back again after about 12 miles into the run but nothing before. It really tightened up to the point I had to stop.

Again the pain has gone again with just a little calf muscle pain left.

I would appreciate any advise anyone could give me as to what could be causing this and what I can do to get rid of it.

I stretch before any run so I am at a miss.






  • Well.... First off is all this pain down the same leg? Are u warming up before the runs (not static stretching)? I too joined a running club and found the advise really helps.

    I got tight hamstrings and was told to either: try foam rolling, have a sports massage or really concentrate on the warm up before a run.

    Another question (sorry) but did you jump up the mileage too soon? And when do you ret?

    Hope this all helps image
  • Hi Jason,

    I don't tend to warm up as such but when I start running I start at a slower pace for the first mile or two then run at about 8.5 min miles which is comfortable. Yes it is the same leg, the left leg. The pain comes from the side of my hip and down my leg.

    I have been told by a POSE running trainer that I do heel foot run but I now after watching various vids try and land on my mid foot and take shorter steps.

    What is foam rolling, never heard of that. image


  • You can get foam rollers from amazon quite cheaply. They are big solid foam rollers that you roll parts of your body over to help massage them.

    google 'foam roller massage' to get more info

  • Ok thanks for that will do.

  • Another thing they always say is look into your posture. I know that's an expensive route (the robbers) but anything that's a little mis aligned can cause all sorts of symptoms all the way down to ankle/foot.
  • Yeah your right. The POSE instructor I mentioned do a 6 hour instruction on POSE running for £99. He video gates you and then teaches you posture and how to run correctly. I think this would probably be a great idea especially as I am eager to increase my times and distances.



  • Hello Community Members,

    After a long day of hard work or of standing in place, it isn't unusual for your leg muscles to have pains that don't seem to go away quickly. Some careful targeted stretching could alleviate these pains, even if they are deep in the tissue. Some overlooked leg muscles and tissues are the proformas, the iliotibial band, and the hamstrings. Upper leg pain can be caused by any number of problems, depending on the location. However, most pain is usually tendon- or muscle-related. Treatment to stop upper leg or thigh pain usually includes a combination of rest, ice, heat, medication and exercise.

    Best Regards,
    Mithel Joneimage

  • Thankss Mithel, Im fine on 6 mile to 10 mile runs. Its when I get into the 12 plus miles that my left leg stiffens up. My right leg is ok apart from the calves tightening up.

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