Inside of the knee pain - tender to touch


I started to running recently with a mixture of couch to 5k and parkruns. 

The local parkrun I do is all across grass so I bought myself a pair of trail shoes which whilst less comfortable then my other running shoes certainly give better traction and are more enjoyable overall all to complete the course in.

However on the first time of running in them, I started to feel some tenderness on the inside of my left knee. I didn't think much of it tbh.

On my next road run in my other shoes my knee became painful in the same place. I had never had this pain in these shoes before.

This Saturday before Parkrun the pain had all but gone so I thought it wouldn't be a problem. However I was in pain all the way round. I got home as some as possible and practiced RICE, and it was then I discovered that it was sore to touch.

I should mention that my hamstring are very tight, and my knees lock back. The pain is most evident when my knee is locked back and also when I put weight on that leg.

Any suggestions? I obviously want to be able to run again as soon as possible, but don't wat to risk injuring myself further.

Could it be a problem with the new trail shoes? Not stretching enough? 


  • Hi Griggs,

    if you have tight hamstrings then this could be the problem, as the hamstrings will be pulling your knee out of alignment.

    I had a similar problem with muscle imbalance.

    try more hamstring stretching and see if it helps

  • Hey Griggs, be very careful with this injury i dont want to go OTT but it sounds like a meniscus injury which if left untreated may erode further and cause long term damage. Of course it could just be bruised or some lateral forces due to new shoes .. but if you feel the inside of knee from top down and theres no pain until you get to shin/fibia and the round part of the joint in sore to touch .. it sounds like menisusu, which can be trauma caused or wear depend a bit on age. You could be old like me and still have hyper-flexed it inwards ... physio will say see doctor and doctor may refer you for a scan ..

    theres are tests, wiki McMurray and wince mate. made me go weak at the knees just like the person in the images

  • coincidentally i went from motion control shoe to a trail shoe at the same time my knee pain erupted and caused severe breath gulping pain butit improved until last night when an unseen rut caused knee to bow in during a run .. under Orwell Bridge as it goes. But mine isnt locking at all so i may have a chance. So Im looking at maybe a private scan if I can afford it as well, my experience is NHS physios tend to treat injuries by percentage, 80% knee injuries are blah blah blah so do this for 2 weeks and lets see how it is next time 

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