Kingsbury Water Park 10K

Anyone doing this race this November?


  • Im thinking of entering image

  • Hi David, have you done it before? I am healing up a calf injury at the mo, hoping I will be okay on the day image

  • it'll be muddy and as it's a KP event don't expect it to be professonal.

  • Oh ok - enlighten me John?!! What is a KP event and why wouldn't it be?

    Think I may well be out anyway - calf still shouting. We will have to see.

  • They are a Lichfield based event organiser and they IMO seem to make a pigs ear of about 75% of what they organise-short distance,wrong time, no water for people and cars driving on their courses.

  • I did this last year, its part off road and part on the pathways around kingsbury water park,  My garmin did make it short I think i made it 5.99miles which is just under 10k it has a couple of hill in it which if muddy u may well slip and slide, it advertised a medal and it was a trophy ( which actually my daughter dropped and broke image  ) not sure if it will be a trohy or a medal this year 

    if it is bad weather expect to get wet and muddy, it was easy to get to and parking was fine as its qute abig area and no problems with traffic as its all paths and walkways ( from what i remember  it )

    but it is 2 laps ( i either hate or love laps lol )

  • Did this race today.

    It was good, reasonably well organised and I liked the fact that they shouted the runner's name out as they crossed the finish line.

    The course is typically very muddy around the lake, 2 laps. This year was no exception, it was very wet underfoot and slippery.

    I do suspect it was just shy of 10k, but I did not measure it.

    However, a good race, followed by water, a medal, bananas and wagon wheels. Cannot complain.

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