Garmin Footpod

Forgive me if this has been done before, I did a quick search and couldn't spot anything. The battery has died on the footpod to my Garmin Forerunner - is this something I can change myself. The only shop I've asked in said it has to go back to Garmin, but it looks like it can be opened and I can't see anything on their site to support this... And if I can change it myself, how easily does the back unscrew?


  • Yes, you can do it yourself and it is easy to undo. the battery type is 2032 if I remember correctly.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    As Steve C said, its a simple process - just unscrew the back using a 2p or 10p coin and replace with a watch-style battery (a CR2032) that can be picked up in most supermarkets or hardware stores.


  • Cheers both! 

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