Where Can I Find Asics Trail Attack 7 Or Similar?

Hello, I have worn the Trail Attack 7s for a while and got on well with them, I want a second pair as I am starting to do a fair bit of mileage and I reckon my current pair might last another 3 - 6mths before they are not as good as they could be. Trouble is, the model seems to be a bit outdated and I am having a job finding a pair of size 9s. I am absolutely not an expert, I do know that I run on a few trails and the TA7s are ideal, I had New Balance trainers before and they aggravated tendonitis, the Asics don't seem to which is why I'm being picky. Also, are the Trail Attack Fuji similar? they are more readily available. Advice welcome.


  • Try googling and hit shopping usually does the trick when chasing old style. FYI most models colour change every six months and complete update at 18. Average life expectancy of trainers is 3-500 miles tho!

  • Thanks, I've had a look and managed to find 1 pair!!! Only pair I can find at any retailer! I will enquire with the shop to see if they still actually have them.

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