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Does anyone know where (online) in the UK I can get a pair of Altra Instinct "zero drop" shoes (photo below) ?  The company in the US do not ship abroad and Amazon US do not have the size I need. There is one pair on E-Bay but slightly too big.  Any guidance gratefully received !


  • Not a direct answer but Altra were interviewed on the coach Jeff podcast recently so they may have given out the information you need.
  • Thanks Steve C, will take a look
  • GazzaH - Did you find a UK stockist for the Altra Instrinct?

  • Hi - no I did not but i was in the US on business last month and bought a pair.  Been out a couple of times in them and they take some getting used to.  Jury's out at the moment ! Thanks

  • Ok thanks. I'm looking for a very wide fit around the forefoot. Do the Altras seem wide?
  • In case you haven't looked, that is exactly why coach Jeff in the above link uses them.
  • Yes they are wide, which suits me for comfort as I have wider feet anyway.  My first experience felt like running in carpet slippers, but I think i will get used to them !

  • I bought a pair of Instinct 1.5 at the exhibition before the Boston marathon. I like them and can confirm the toebox is wide and roomy. The guy (I can't remember his name but he was in the podcast) said that they were looking for European distributors.

  • i have been waiting forever for altra shoes to come to UK!! i would love a pair of lone peaks and some superiors.

    the guy in customer support on the website said that they would be available in the UK 'soon'. such vagueness has prompted me to travel to the US in autumn (also to visit a few far-flung friends) so i can snap up a couple of pairs. could be the most expensive running shoes i've ever bought!! 

  • I have had several pairs of altras bought from trisports in the US. If you wait for one of their sales you can get them here for about 80 pounds. Just waiting on some lone peaks now. 69 (42.80 pounds) dollars in the sale, 29 (18 pounds approx.) dollars delivery, 11 pounds VAT approx. 8 pounds handling charge by parcel force. No duty because value is under 135 pounds.



    in the UK now have these in stock 105 pounds, bit more expensive but if you can't stand the wait 3-6 weeks delivery from the US....

    Spoke to altra customer care who said they are expanding in UK and Europe over next couple of months

  • yes, several shops now stock altra in the UK.

    accelerate in sheffield is one. they provide great customer service. currently they stock the lone peak, superior and instinct shoes. expensive compared to US - but they always make you a brew, and throw in a pair of injinji socks with the shoes. can't say fairer than that!

    i have put about 80 miles into my lone peak 1.5s, and i must say that they are an outstanding shoe. waiting til the new superior comes out next year to buy a pair.

  • Yes RL, I'm happy to say a few UK shops seem to stock them now, eg,

  • Edinburgh's Footworks definitely stock them. Not too sure whether they do mail order though...

  • I know this is really late, but:


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