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  • As an experiment only you understand, I manage to vote twice from my home PC image

  • Check the text as sometimes it does say 'Thank you, we have already counted your vote'

  • TC for President image

  • aw, cheers folks image

    means a lot image

    VOTE NICK BALDWIN! btw LOL image

  • BLATANT copy from TripTalk image for the record:

    I'm just the flag bearer for the EnduroMan Deca tho - everyone who put themselves on the start line is a hero, and any votes are for them too: 

    David Miles daveM 
    Christopher Ette ChrisE 
    Mark Padley 
    Carl Atkinson carlmadasafish 
    Edward Page Big Ted 
    Michele Santilhano 
    Guy Willard WakefieldGuy 
    Monique Hollinshead image
    Konrad Renard 
    Keith Laing - gump 

    For the record, my Palmares? (FFS) this year includes competing (mostly but just completing the last 2) at all the British iron/ultra tri events, for the 2nd consecutive year. == 20 iron mans this year. It was only 13 last year (wot a lightweight). 
    This is very silly btw. And expensive. And time consuming. And ruins your health. 
    Continuing to do silly numbers of more destructive standalone IMs so soon after the Deca was just the last piece of the experiment in taking the p1ss with what my body could hold up to. I was very chuffed to do these successfully with little ill effect (until I got a virus I couldnt shake off in Sept) most notably I was flying at the Outlaw just 3 weeks after the Deca. Go figure!   

    Jan 1 HardMoors30 (1st) 
    Feb 2 Double EnduroMan Lanzarote (4th) 
    Belvoir Challenge trail mara DNF 
    Mar: Howarth Hobble 32m trail ultra 
    Hardmoors 55m trail ultra 
    Charnwood trail mara 
    Apr: Caythorpe trail mara 
    VLM 3.08 
    May: Lincoln GP 110m CycloSportif 14th ish 
    Jun: Deca Iron EnduroMan 149 hrs, um 1st 
    ForestMan iron tri 
    Jul: Outlaw iron tri (10h47) 
    XMan / XTri24 extreme overnight MTB tri - Finished in time limit! 
    IMUK 120th 
    Aug: Yorkshire Dales extreme middle dist tri 
    Midnight Man iron tri - did an extra run lap FFS  
    The Big Woody iron tri 3rd 
    Sep: Helvellyn extreme middle dist tri 
    Challenge Henley iron tri  
    The Brutal single  iron tri 
    Oct: Spires and Steeples trail mara 3rd 
    Round Rotherham 50m trail ultra 8h12 
    Helloween on the Humber 6hr ultra - 1st (40 miles) 

    The most amazing thing is that I've done this lot whilst being the worlds most disorganized and late feckwit. 

    It remains to be seen whether my metabolism is burnt out for 2013....

  • We should quote this next time someone asks whether their half ironman warm up event is 6 years before their Ironman and whether that leaves enough time to recover image

  • On the subject of voting:

    The Henley Standard are running an online poll whether next year's Challenge Henley event should be cancelled. Obviously it shouldn’t.

    It would be great if you can go on the poll, vote no and get as many people as possible that you know to also vote no. For those that do help, much obliged. The link:

     - The poll is on the front page.

  • good call barlist, Henley was great, and the traffic management efforts made by Just Racing to lessen the impact on the locals were huge, I was well impressed, and erm, I've done a few events! image 55 IMs actually, counting 5 Doubles as one, or 60 then if 2.


  • I'm watching you double voters!!!

    Hope you all like the site if it's new to you. Take a look around while you are there and you can always follow me on Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook.

    If anyone runs a website or blog and can take a second to link to the site or give it a nice plug it would be great to spread the word! 


    Thanks, Rich

  • I started the thread on TriTalk


    Thanks everyone for their votes

    If there were points for style he would be toast !

  • the denim shorts is why he got my vote......

    My hubby tried to vote for TC but couldn't because i had already voted on this had my son who watched him at teh if anyone did manage to double vote by accident then it would cancel out their votes that they weren't allowed to make.,image


    and whilst voting all.have a look at the site .its got some really handy stuff on thereimage

  • Voted.

    I'm just curious (ie nosy) - does TC have a significant other?  I just wondered if there was a long suffering partner who had to put up with him doing this every weekend?

    I think they would deserve some sort of award too!


  • um, yes, my significant other tries to come along to plenty of races when poss. And coz I race so/too much I usually try to minimise the time I spend there e.g. avoid staying the night b4, and is partly why I am often so very late to turn up on race morning (nothing to do with me being a feckwitted numpT too, nothing at all image

    And yes - they do deserve an award! image

    Don't have any kiddywinkies to worry about, but 4 cute cats are still a responsibility/worry! 

  • Fly the jolly roger from your mast, and it appears you catch the trade winds in your sails. image

  • You piratey lot are working your magic image and it must be working ta, we're almost neck n neck. sesel is 36.67 vs me at 36.37, erm, last time I looked image image

  • Thank you for answering my Q and not telling me to eff off.

    When does voting have to be done by?

    I have two cats, and one will advise when he is feeling negleted by leaving gifts on the bathroom floor.  Fortunately it is tiled.


  • A tiled cat, how quaint  imageimage

  • whoo-hoo, in the lead now just! PIRATE -MAGIC! image


  • I do believe,TC, that if you win you should race at least 50% of your 2013 races in PSOF Kit in recognition of our voting image

  • Perhaps we should put that to an online vote!!  image

  • oh sh1t image erm,how about 50% of em on a very piratey yellow old SoftRide - which is just in hibernation, not necessarily retirement btw.
    Or how about kit that is 50% Pirate and 50% TT (plus shorts that are 100% cool obviously LOL)  or maybe I might just occasionally wear some ickle yellow badge that someone?? gave me at The Outlaw image

    and wotcha mean IF I win, with the massed ranks of pirate support charging overboard, I cant lose! image

  • This could be the consummation of the great TriTalk/Pirate Alliance which started at the Enduroman Deca when we lent Monique a waterproof cap and gave Symes some jellybabies.

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I do believe,TC, that if you win you should race at least 50% of your 2013 races in PSOF Kit in recognition of our voting image

    That would assume Pirate kit exists which would fit TC.

  • pmlinc wrote (see)
    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I do believe,TC, that if you win you should race at least 50% of your 2013 races in PSOF Kit in recognition of our voting image

    That would assume Pirate kit exists which would fit TC.

    Fair point ....   image

  • the pirate kit really doesnt go with those shorts though does itimage

  • Vote cast good luck TC

  • Vote is in TC. Slim margin in your favour now image

  • Pfft the great Pirate/Tri Talk alliance started longer ago than the Deca. I can remember supporting TC on the run course at then Double in Lichfield in 2009 (I think). He was drinking coke when he came in on each lap. Plus other tripers who where there.

    I'd bet others will have similar tales from the year before too.
  • Yep ... I remember when it were all fields   image

    I even knew him before he became a fan of denim    image

  • I now fancy running in denim shorts.

    Good luck TC, in the lead at the mo.

    Apparently a Toyota Crown came with a chefs uniform when new...

    Sad am I.....yes.

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