parkrun 50 T shirts

Apologies if there is already a thread on this, but I couldn't find it!  Managed the club 50 milestone on Saturday and got my email asking me to provide my details and size of 50 club Tee I require.  The details are in chest sizes for the ladies i.e. 8 (32in), 10 (34in) etc.  However, any ladies out there who could tell me if they come up small or large that would be great, as the cut makes a real difference and I know I can't return it if it is wrong.  I generally find adidas clothing comes up small across the chest and wondered if these were the same?  Any advice appreciated!  Thanksimage


  • Laudy, looking at the one (size 10) I have hanging around because it was faulty (I'm a parkrun ED), yes they come up small - in another four years or so when I finally make it to 50 parkruns I'm going to be asking for a size 12 (and I'm normally a smallish size 10).

  • No idea - but I'm very jealous! 

    Can't wait to get mine (though it'll be quite a wait as we don't have one all that near). Well done Laudy imageimage Wear it with pride!

    ps I always go up a size anyway as I like a bit of bagginess! And since they have the decency to have proper sizes instead of just S,M,L etc then there's not usually all that much difference as they go up - not that'd stop you running in it anyway!

  • Thanks DB you have confirmed what I suspected so think I will go for a 12 as would prefer it a bit roomy.

    SB:  It has taken longer than I thought to get there, at a number of different locations, but celebrated my 50th run with volunteering at the same time by pace making at my home parkrun, which was great way to mark the occasion.  Good luck with making it to 50!!

  • I'd probably also suggest asking people at your local parkrun with 50 club shirts (If there are many) what sizes they have and get an idea from that as well.

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