Treadmill Pain!

Please can anyone help! I am a regular outdoor runner but due to the dark nights and being a lone female runner I have been going a few times a week for the past couple of weeks on a treadmill.  Past three times after about 5 minutes i have like an aching pain in my left leg (never my right) but when i run outside this never happens! Any ideas why this might be happening?


  • The treamill will put you in a different position for running as your not pushing yourself forward the ground is moving as apposed to you. See if putting it on a 1% incline helps any. are there any clubs you could join so you could run with a partner?

  • Thank you for your reply, i have it on about number 3 incline, do you think perhaps putting it on a higher number will help? I think i will have to look in to a club

  • I dont think so, between .5 and 1.5 is "running outside" do you get the same pain on the cross trainer?

    Maybe tr dropping the incline down and see if that helps it at all and maybe tr a slower run. if all that fails and ou are still getting pain then I would stop as not all pain is weakness leaving the body some of it is telling ou to stop doing it image xx


  • No i havent had any pain on the cross trainer or on the exercise bike either.  I will try dropping the incline and go at a slower pace and see if this helps.  Thanks for your advice xx

  • Find a club to join so you can go running outside all through the winter. Running in the dark in a big pack with everyone wearing a headtorch is great fun.


  • Thanks, i will have to investigate image

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