City of Norwich Half Marathon

Under 3 weeks to go. Sold out. 3,000 runners. Sufficiently long after the Norwich Beer Festival to recuperate. Thought I'd start a thread to see how many forum members are running and what their goals are.



  • I'll be running. My goal is between 1:35 - 1:30. I'd love to scrap just under 1:30 but that might be a bit ambitious! Have you run the Norwich HM before?

  • A few times. Last year ( 1:34:12) was the most recent when weather conditions were unforgiving. My goal is similar to yours. Training for 1:31 with an optimistic eye on under 1:30 ( the extent of that optimism will no doubt be radically altered either way as a result of this sunday's scheduled 2 mile warm up 7 mile tempo @ 7 min mile 1 mile cool down). This year I've opted for 35-40 miles per week with one 4-6 mile speed session (tempo or intervals) and the rest at an easy pace as opposed to lots of hard and fast runs. I approach it with a certain degree of trepidation.

  • Yeah, I did hear that the weather was pretty brutal last year! I've got my last long run this weekend (15m!!) then start the taper down next Monday - then it will sink in that there's less than 2 weeks left! I've heard that the start of the race is staggered by estimated finishing times - do they separate by 5/10/15 etc min segments? Also do you/have you ever belonged to a running club in Norwich? I'm looking to join one in the new year so any info/experiences would be great!

  • I think it was 15 minute segment separation from memory and i over-ambitiously went for the 1:30 segment then. As to running clubs I am not a member but a colleague has recently joined Norwich Road Runners and he says that it's been a good move.

  • I'm doing it this year, bit slower than you guys though. I am just hoping to get under 2hrs, did 2hrs11mins in the GNR this year.


  • I'm giving it a try this year. This is my first attempt. I'm 40 now and started running about 6 months ago as I nearly hit 12 stone (I'm 5'8'' and should be about 10stone). I weigh about 10st7lbs now.  My training was going great up to a couple of weeks ago when I got some flu type bug and had to miss 10 days of training. I was hoping to get und 1hr 50, but think it will be around 2 hours now.

  • Good luck all. My heart has sunk looking at the weather forecast. Yet again it's going to be nasty. Don't mind the rain but its the wind AGAIN! Time to dig out the lead-soled trainers.

  • It was very windy, but a good day considering. I finised 826th in 1.54.  2148 finished. It was very difficult running with so many people.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  • Well done seth. I managed a 1 32 ish and came 123rd. Check out Charlotte's time though. incredible for those conditions. What's your training programme been to set out your stall like that Charlotte?!

  • well done weekender, well done charlotte. very impressive. what sort of schedual do you both run? I do 3 or 4 runs a week which usually includes a long run on a sunday. I think I will add some speed work now I'm half fit.

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