flat/fun halfs for next year

im looking for any advice for half marathons that are reseasonably flat and fun for july-oct next year. need some time to practise and prepare. any suggestions please?


  • Perkins great eastern run in peterborough is super flat .usually early October.
  • Why not?

  • Agree GazOc - Good bit of fun when you can just go for it for 13.1 miles. Would be boring if all flat.

  • Why do people think that a flat race is easier than a hilly one?

  • I like a bit of variation in a race.  Totally flat is dull, and harder on your musles in some respects.

    Hills can be hard, but if you put some training in then you get the pleasure of overtaking all the flatlanders who have to walk up image

    Oh, and you get the pleasure of running down after.

  • Not suggesting that - just is nice in the mind to know every now and again that you can go all out. I prefer hilly 1/2's like Tunbridge Wells

  • Maybe the OP just doesn't like hill running or thinks a flat race will give a better chance of a fast time? Either way "flat" was the question posed.image

  • flat courses are fast...but there's a danger of the terrain being so boring you lose the will to live...i still have nightmares about running up and down the Southend sea front four times in one HM...so the key, imho, is flat, but interesting and varied....and that's quite rare


  • Cardiff is pretty flat, apart from the odd bridge or underpass. The route is okay and its a nice city to visit.

  • Katy- the birmingham half is generally a flat course. There is a slight incline/hill at mile 10 though. If you are looking for fun then sign up for the great north run- the best atmosphere you will get at any half, and its the worlds biggest! I've ran it 11 times and it keeps on getting better, would really recommend!!!! Good luck in whatever you choose!
  • Bristol is pancake flat in September. Decent city and nice route and big race atmosphere.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I did Cardiff this year, good course, would recommend it.
  • Peterborough, Maidenhead or Chippenham?

  • White Horse April - Flat,  only 500 places, get in quick it fills up.
    Maidenhead Sep - Flat, nice town centre finish.
    Wokingham Feb - Not done it but reports say flat and I'm doing it next year.

    Would not call Chippenham flat, no hills but a steady incline for the last 2.5 miles then a steep downhill to the finish. Not on this year maybe next.

  • Bearstead Plodder - I'm interested in doing Tunbridge Wells half next year. What are the hills like? I'm not scared of hills as am addicted to Beachy Head marathon even thou I live in a flat part of Essex.
  • Paddock Woods is a lovely half image
  • Tracey - if you done Beachy Head no got no problems with TW - there is just one hill that kicks in at 6-7 miles which if you not done it before surprises you. Here is link to hill profile of race: http://www.goodrunguide.co.uk/ElevationGraph.asp?RunType=A&RunID=123

  • Cardiff (October) is a flat one, Bacchus (September) (Dorking, Surrey) NOT a flat one, but a lot of fun. Gosport (November) is also very flat.  If you want to go overseas Berlin (April) and Cologne (October) are flat.  The Isle of Wight one (August) could also be a good one but I don't think it's overly flat.  Other people have mentioned Bristol and Chippenham which have good reputations.  Not sure about the Great Scottish Run in September (Glasgow) - I did the ladies 10k there and it was fairly flat but I don't know about the half marathon course.

    Wokingham is on 10 February and pretty flat apart from two motorway bridges which are fine on the way out but horrible on the way back!  Fleet is a gently undulating course and definite PB potential - 17 March.  I'm doing both of them.

  • thanks will look into ur seggestions. i did the great birmingham run a couple of weeks ago and the hill / incline at mile 10 really knackered me and i think made a huge difference to my time and how much i enjoyed the course. thanks again for all advise

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