recommedations please!

Hi, due to my medical condition and the fact that I am alot of medication too I dont actually do any running.

However after meeting my neurosurgeon last Wed, I know want to get into running in order to raise money for the hospital which has been there for me. I can walk for miles but cant run, any advice?  I have approached local running clubs/joggers, but they have made me feel awkward for approaching them




  • Hi pp and welcome to the forum.

    As a newbie myself I can't offer much advice really other than why not try a C25K (couch to 5 kilometres) programme? There are plenty on the web and on here and it's a great gradual approach to running using a walk/run plan over 6-8 weeks. Sounds like you have a great reason to start running - just take it easy to begin with and good luck!

    As for the running clubs, there are non near me but have heard that some clubs can be offish sometimes however there are many that cater for beginners so maybe keep looking? Where are you based as others may be able to offer advice?


  • When I started 'running' the last time, due to years of alcohol abuse and chain smoking, the most I could do was 'run' for was 60 seconds and then I'd walk for two minutes.  I'd do this about five times and then go and have a lie down.

    I just did a little bit often and the Law of Gradual Progression meant I kept on improving.  I then did a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon and I'm running my first full marathon in January and I aspire to run a 50 mile ultra.

    My point is that we can run, we just have to be patient and do a little bit of running regularly. I think Andi's suggestion of doing a couch to 5k program is spot on; it provides a good sensible progression; you don't have to beast yourself.


  • Hi pillpopper! Have you thought about park run? They are free 5k races every saturday and based around the uk. Have a look at their website for a run near you,

    If this is too much of a challenge, then try some very easy run/walk sessions. If you run outside you could run between lamposts etc, and rest after each interval. Build things up slowly- otherwise you could risk injury. Best of luck with your running!
  • Is the reason you can't run actually because of your medical condition or more just because you're unfit due to having the condition? Just wondering, as you can get loads of general advice here about improving fitness but if you have an underlying condition that is a definite barrier to running then you should be careful about taking advice from non-medical forumites!

    Running clubs are generally more geared up for people who already do a fair bit of running, but lots of areas have local authority funded 'jogging network' groups which are aimed specifically at total newbies. Something like that might suit you quite well. Or if you already like walking, have a look at the LDWA - the Long Distance Walking Association - website. They put on events up to (and probably over) marathon distance specifically aimed at walkers. If you're wanting to raise money through sponsorship, maybe a marathon walk would be something to think about. 'Marathon' sounds impressive enough that I doubt anyone would mind whether you were running it or walking it!

  • Thanks to all who responded, sorry have been busy with moving etc. But happy to say am walking 30 miles a week now so will start the couch to 5k image

  • Also, you can check the Jeff Galloway method that aims to Run/Walk from the start to finish with the aim of getting the distance covered. I have health problems too and I've just started this method! You can see it here -

  • Thanks Elise image Will check out that website now 

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