Trail / Off road running in Northants

I'm trying to find out if anyone knows of any good trails or off road running routes in Northamptonshire or even Bedfordshire? I regularly run Stanwick and Wymington from my house but I could really do with a change of scenery. Any advice greatly appreciated. Richy


  • Try mapmyrun for preloaded routes. The best source of inspiration for me was my trusty orange Explorer map of local area. I just love tracking a route and finding hidden footpaths in the villages and fields. My navigation skills much improved since I took up running. Only now I know every single path in the radius of 6 miles from my house so have to go further on to explore.

  • There are a few good routes around Brackmills! You've got the lakes and also there are footpaths all through the woods behind which are pretty fun to run in. The trails are well maintained although it gets a bit muddy in the wet.
  • Thanks for the advice acdcgirl and rrr. Rrrr, what sort of distance are we looking at around the Brackmills route? At the moment Im doing atleast 6.5 miles off road around Wymington and 12 to 14 for Stanwick so I need somewhere with some decent mileage so that I dont end up going around and around the same old routes.

  • There's quite a pleasant bridleway that runs arouns Silverstone circuit all the way to Brackley (where I am). There are quite a few tracks around Stowe too. MIght be a bit out of the way for you, if not I could send a screen shot by PM (assuming this can be done, sorry I'm not used to posting on here).

  • Twywell Hills and Dales Country Park - plenty of steep hills, mud, water, woods, gates - lots of challenges.  Out and back fX-country rom Kettering for me, with a run around the park, is about 15 miles for me.

  • There's a lovely trail around Pitsford Reservoir that's 8ish miles around.  It's about 4 miles up the A508 from Northampton.  Probably a bit boggy after all the recent rain though, so maybe one to leave for spring!

    The Brampton Valley Way is one of my favourites, and at 15 miles each way it should be long enough!  The section that starts in Northampton was closed a while ago and I don't know if it's been reopened yet (that section passes under the train line) - probably best to start at Brampton Lane if you begin at the Northampton end.

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