too much too soon?

new to the forum!
monday, wednesday and thursday i work, so i cycle there and back (8miles a day in total)

tuesday, friday and sunday i've been running for the last 3 weeks.
now i'm thinking i've started too much too soon...

currently doing a run/walk mix.

the first 2 weeks i ran 5mins, walked 2, repeated 3 times.
sunday just gone i ran 9mins, walked 5, did it twice, then ran 6mins back home.

is this too much too soon? 


  • It's all relative to the individual, Daniel, and the best way to gauge if we're doing too much is how we're feeling.  When I started I found out I was doing too much when my shins started hurting, so I did a lot less for a couple of weeks and then built it up.

    I try to work on 3 week cycles, where I'll have a hard week, followed by a harder week, followed by a rest week where I'll run about 50% of the distance covered in my hard week.

    I try to build up by 10% per week too (still resting every third week).  I'm middle-aged, and I need the rest week.

    Maybe the level you're training at is fine, but you just need a rest week?  

  • never thought about a rest week really, just assumed add 10% and keep going!
    but eventually something has to give... 

  • Hi Daniel,

    I am a newbie to running too and erven though I can't directly answer your question I would like to mention some points.

    I have read countless books and articles on the web concerning training programs.  All of them advice practically the same advice. Start slowly, build up slowly, rest as indicated and listen to your body.  If you increase too quickly you will do damage which you will regret if it lays you up for a couple of weeks.

    Are you following a program, if so which one..   Also you did not mention your current age or general fitness level so it would be very difficult to make a judgement even for the more experienced runners.

    What are your goals , 5K 10K  HM, etc..  and how quickly do you expect to achieve them ? Are you beginning from nothing or you you already have some kind of sports/fitness background?


  • 23 currently, and ideally i want to be running marathons by this time next year?

    i used to do track running at high school, 15,000metres mostly, so relatively fit, as well as cycling to work and back, some times do about 20miles on a weekend also.

    obviously after leaving school, things go down hill!  i stopped running completely :/

    i followed the couch to 5k to get myself back into running, but realised i could exceed the first few weeks of training already...

  • I don't profess to being an expert, but I've recently finished couch to 5k.

    Like you, the first weeks were easy, but come week 5/6 and the long run it's different.

    The idea isn't so much about coming back exhausted after each session but to gradually build up your fitness and recovery. 

    I would really recommend doing the weeks in order and sticking to them.  Overtraining will result in an injury.

  • Have you picked up any particular injuries/problems paul?

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