Triathlon Interviews

Here is an interview with newly crowned U23 World Champion Non Stanford

Non Stanford Interview


  • Non is a she! Double oops!

    It's a genuine triathlon article:

    Name: Non Stanford

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Athlete, Coach with Driven to Tri

    Favourite Events: Team Relays; fast, furious and fun.

    How did you first become in interested in athletics?

    My mum was my PE teacher at school and roped me into the cross country team in order to make the numbers up. I loved it and joined Swansea Harriers soon after.

    What is your best performance to date?

    Winning the World Elite U23 Triathlon Championships in Auckland last month.

    What is your most important training session?

    I don’t believe I have one particular session that is more ‘important’ than any other. If you’re doing a session that’s not a particularly important part of the weekly schedule then you need to ask yourself why you’re doing it.

    What is the most impressive/craziest training session you have ever known somebody complete?


  • let me guess here JS - you have a close connection with activetrainingworld??  if so, please stop promoting your business activities on this forum - free advertising is frowned upon around these parts.  if you want to advertise - pay like other advertisers do. (check the T&Cs)

    however - moving on - what I did read a few weeks ago about Non on her wiki page was this - "Whilst not competing Non enjoys ferret racing and pruning bushes into the shape of woodland creatures."    that made me smile and wondered if someone had posted that on wiki without her knowledge! of course it may be true...image

  • Her name sounds like a font.

    I followed some Wiki links from the "pruning bushes into the shape of woodland creatures" and came across this squirrel.  Impressive!


  • be even better if it read

    "Whilst not competing Non enjoys ferret racing and pruning her bush into the shape of woodland creatures."

    then the mind would boggle.....image

  • Does Ferret have any say in this matter?

  • She's not actually raced me yet (probably just some other ferrets)- but given her track background and the fact she's young enough to be my daughter I think I'm relatively safe in assuming I'd get chicked.


    Result of WHOIS query:

    Domain name: Registrant: James Shipley Trading as: Active Training World Limited
  • The site is mine, its new this year. I thought a thread on triathlete interviews would be interesting and thought people would post others that they found on the web. I didn't think it would evolve to ferret racing challenges so quickly but these things happen!

    My apologies I have now read the T&C's and see that you can't be posting links as I did. I have also emailed RW about advertising as has been suggested.

    Thanks for the lesson!

  • See we provide sound business advice as well as excellent triathlon and training advice. We can provide counselling for marital issues and discuss sexual issues at length (editor: insert hard and fast joke here).


  • LOL, welcome JS3!

  • Great photos. My pruned bush will remain offline.


  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    LOL, welcome JS3!

    I post a triathlon article on a triathlon forum and I get my hand slapped

    I post a hedge in the shape of a bum and I'm welcomed

    Strange place this......

    I think I like it image

  • What is triathlon - is it a summer thing?

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