nike + recomendations for subtalar ankle fushion

Hi All,


I am in need of some new Nike + running shoes which will be suitable to offer adequate support for my right ankle which has undergone a subtalar joint fusion. I current wear a Nike + Tailwind circa 2007 which has server me well but is starting to give up on the old support!

I have fairly flat feet (corrected at an early age with orthotics) and a swift short running stride in an very upright position - My running has altered to compensate for my subtalar fusion so I try and be as gentle and efficient as I can, I would say I land mid foot.

I am torn between the common sense that a highly stable shoe would minimise ankle movement which will help or the more radical thought that the lighter and more flexible the shoe the less starin will be put on my ankle joints and the more natural my run will be compensated by other joints etc?!

I use the Nike+ system to track my runs so a nike + shoe is essential.

I know this is a long shot but has anyone has any experience of a similar choice that could help me narrow my choice down?!


  • You don't have to have a Nike+ shoe. Go to Amazon and look under 'shoe pouch' and you will find plenty of pouches that you put the Nike+ sensor into and you simply fasten it into the laces of any running shoe. They cost about a fiver.

    As to shoes, sounds like you need the expertise of a good running shop. Also worth a read of the website for info on minimalist shoes.

  • Brilliant, this opens up my options somewhat!

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