What is a guy supposed to do to keep the unruly member and his two mates suitably harnessed when running in tracksters and for that matter in shorts where the inner liner is worn out.

I saw a bloke bending over after the New Forest 10 mile race and he was wearing a rather fetching purple thong which went half way up his back. I would prefer something a little more tradditional but I am fed up with cotton underpants. All running kit is made from Polyester which is good at wicking away the sweat. Why on earth can I not find male underwear made from polyester.

Has anyone got a good solution to this one?


  • Newline sell mens underwear made of Coolmax fabric, ideal for wearing under running tights. £12.99 a pair but worth it.
  • try M&S Urban Survival range of underwear - is wicking fabric and tightish to stop the bits flapping about. or try lycra Speedo swimming trunks
  • Decathlon at Surrey Keys London do a pair of running pants. I've had two pair and they are very good. Still advise vaseline for the longer runs though.
  • Fellas - don't despair, I've just spent the weekend running around in pants just for you! Next issue I'll bring you a run down of some of the best 'running trolleys' on the market. All the important questions will be answered: Do they wick? Are your bits held firmly in place? And will your partner enjoy rubbing their hands over your pant clad buttocks…Okay, maybe it'll just be the first two. (E-mail me for the answers to number three!)
  • Oh, and Old Road Runner I'll help you out a bit in advance - There are some great items of sports underwear available from Odlo, Falke, Lowe Alpine. Helly Hansen, and Concurve - as well as the ones mentioned above.
  • hmm - are you doing ladies as well - with piccies???
  • Being truthful, you should try 2(x)ist Y-back microfiber thong - you can buy them from

    Theyre designed especially for sports and are actually really good for running.

    Make sure you get the microfiber not the cotton ones.

    They keep everything where its supposed to be - have run distances up to marathon and there's no chafing at all.
  • and what precisely sort of pants does pants wear when he's running?
  • Men wearing tights is bad enough but
    a thong? You can't really think that wearing knickers will improve your performance, what next maskara improves your sprinting speed.
  • Good to see RW are planning an article on this very subject (thanks Rob). I had found the Newline product in RW but they seem a bit pricey. I did track down a pair from Fila but could not find a UK stockist.

    Can't quite see myself in a thong. It could be a bit embarrasing if I had an accident and was taken to hospital!

    Interesting to see the thread has not attracted any interest from the ladies. If they started one on the subject of knickers, they would be inundated with comments from us men doing our best to help.
  • I've just found you, also a similar thread about "undies" not far from this!! Hope Rob tested for us ladies as well!! I prefer the seamless look of thongs -don't you just hate those lone marks -and we all look (or is it just me?) Makes you feel sexy if nothing else so lifts the performance!! Only know 1 man who wears a thong though -unless there are more out there? You can get proper breathable/ etc but do come up more expensive -especially for the little bit of material that I need!!!
  • ooops forgot you wanted comments!

    watch the pant lines -your own ofcourse!!
  • ORR says: Can't quite see myself in a thong.

    DB says: buy a full length mirror.

    Maisy: thanks for your support!
  • I had a look at the site Keef mentioned ( and it is interesting to see that his favorite thong is made from 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex. There are quite a few so called sports pants but are made from cotton. I did spot a new range from Kelvin Klein made from Coolmax (which I think is a trade name for Polyester). Cotton is a terrible material to make a pair of so called sport pants from as it holds all the sweat and does not wick. I was not aware of that Nylon was a wicking material but what do I know.

    Maisy Flop. Nice to see you are taking an interest in our underware. Do you think a thong would make me feel sexy?
  • I'm a bit undecided about men in thongs really -perhaps us girlies are better at wearing them. But it may make you fel sexy following someone wearing one? Could be addictive -spot the thonged runner! Didn't see any on my morning run today but I'll keep looking at you men and let you know what is sexy (apart from a nice tight bottom ofcourse --too much for this time in a morning!)
  • Just to clarify and clear up the situation, I didn't buy the thong to make me feel sexy when going running - I feel anything but after and during a 20 mile run.

    Tried it just to see whether it was good - was intrigued -and have used them eversince cos have had no problems. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

    I like the idea of "spotting the thonged runner" - may be it could be a new past time?

    ORR - Most man-made fibres are wicking. Nylon is a wicking fibre - it is what Tactel is made of.

    Nylon doesnt absorb moisture very well and is not very abrasive, like polyester - they are very evenly matched in most other areas, although polyester absorbs about 1/7 less moisture than nylon.
  • Totally agree with you Keef, Have worn them ever since I started running 18 months ago - Cant beat them for no chaffing !
  • cheers HTA, thanks for the backup!
  • And Y would men want VPL's when wearing running tights??? LOL
  • quite, its one rule for them and one for us! Women are so sexist these days.....!
  • I am prob. being a bit thick here but what does VPL stand for? Perhaps you guy's look better than many men (or infact women) in thongs -if you pass me whilst I'm running I'll discreetly look! (why do you think I run slow?)
  • Visible Panty Line..

    I thought all women knew about that..or trying to avoid it...
  • oooh dare i say this...from a female perspective...i hate running in thongs...most just prefer to go al fresco under me shorts leggings or whatever...I appreciate you blokes meed some bounce control...but think maybe shoes are an individual thing...:-)
  • oopps, yes ofcourse, VPL -that's why I wear thongs so as not to have one (don't think I'm missing out do you? Do men prefer to see some lines or like to guess why they don't?) Depends where the seams are S-plod-ge to go "without". It is an individual thing (or thong as the case may be!)
  • I prefer to see a shapely, lycra encased botty...female that is...rather than underwear lines...thongs are sexy though...
  • But that's what you get with a thong -isn't it, (not necessary a shapely botty, depends on who it is!!!)but the shape under the lycra, that's why my botty often gets cold in the winter, it's lacking a knicker layer!!! But who cares.
    ps it also goes for what I like to see in you guys!
  • oooh yeah...seams...ouch...maybe should post a warning thread about not wearing thongs for i could definately sue someone for that...
  • Hmmm...maybe a thong is worth investigating...

    ...nooo...can't really feel comfortable with the idea...

    Thong does allow shapely, or otherwise botty out as it were..

    Can't bear the thought of a thong on someone very...errr...rotund....
  • They do have their "places" I must admit, and best not let the imagination go elsewhere -will give thongs a bad name!! Must look in the mirror and define "rotund" -help poss. needed with this!
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