My pace in a race!

I've been running for just over a year now and my times have improved a lot which is pushing me on. I can run at tempoafro 6.40 minute miles or 7.00 minute miles I usually do 6 to 8 miles once a week. My 5k time is 19.00 minutes but on a tough parkrun course ( wythenshawe). I ran a half marathon on Sunday (tatton) and flew round in a time of 123.14 my 5k time was clocked at 18.15. I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to hit these times in training or is it because of being in a race atmosphere pushes you on. I probberley run about 25 to 30 miles a week do I need to up my mileage my training is quite varied. Thanks for any advice. Ant


  • Most of your training should be steady running at way slower than race pace. There are some calculators under the Training tab which will show you recommended training speeds for steady runs, tempos, intervals etc based on your race time.

    The mileage is up to you. At the volume you are on there is probably a lot more improvement you could gain by upping it gradually, but bear in mind that injury risk increases then too and it's very important to not do sudden increases in volume. Which event are you concentrating on, 5ks or HMs?

  • Run more.

    Don't do all your training at race pace. As has been said most should be at a steady pace and then do one or two speed sessions a week.
  • Thanks for advice,I'm trying to be a all rounder from 5ks to full marathons I'm entered to do two Half marathons in the new year then the Manchester marathon (got to be better weather can't be hard) I only do one hard run as in fast a week plus some hill work the rest is fairly steady,just wondered should I be aiming to hit race pace at anytime in training or is it saved for race day. I know it depends On what your training for at the moment I'd say it was for a half! Thanks.
  • You ran a 1 hour 23 mins half marathon with only a years training, a diet of only 25-30 miles per week and the odd training tempo run at 6:40 - 7 min/mile pace?

    Your 5k split was very impressive enroute too.

    You must be a natural!!

  • Thanks Jamie

    I've taken to running quite well a year and a half ago I couldn't run 50 meters so to be where I am now is great. I've lost 2 stone which my aim was to loose a few pounds that was the reason for taking up running but now I just love it! The key for me is I think is I try to run a parkrun every Saturday I always go out full belt!
  • Ant, did you only run 30-40 miles for your marathon too or are you used to higher mileage?

  • To Ship-star

    I followed the beginners plan on the Manchester marathon web site for two weeks then switch to the intermediate plan as I felt it was more challenging!

  • I never get near my race pace in training.

  • To exiled claret or anyone else!

    This is what I'm confused about is it that you can't hit your race pace or is it best to save it and find out on race day how fast you can go?
  • I think it's different for everyone, I know plenty of runners who can smash the training but not perform well at races, and vice versa. Horses for courses. I try to do my longer speedwork or tempo runs close to race pace (tempo slightly slower, speedwork slightly faster) because I think it acclimatises your body to running at that pace and should make it easier to maintain in races.
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