Equipment needed?

Hello I want to start running from the home to the station and then from the sation to my office in the mornings and back againin the afternoon. What type of back-pack and clothing is best espeically in this cold weather? Also the soles of my feet tend to get achey when I run on the road for too long but dont really have a choice - can you suggest best running shoes ro suggestions for this? Thanks!


  • I like the OMM 25l pack. But you really need to try it on for comfort.

    Leave anything heavy in the office - shoes usually weigh a bit.

    As to shoes - try a proper running shop - your feet won't be the same as anyone else's.

    Good luck with it.
  • I'm with cougie on the pack front. As for shoes I've tried just about every make there is and they all vary from shoe to shoe, but for the last few pairs I've been wearing new balance which are excellent. When I was training for the Para 10 my feet were aching because of the heavily wieghted bergen pack I was carrying so I bought some double strike insoles, they are an absolute dream!! Just be careful, they take up quite a bit of room in your traainers s oif they're snug to begin with, they'll be positively tight with the insoles in.

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    I used to run home to the station and then from the station to the office... I left my shoes in the office and got everything else I needed into a 10 litre back-pack... I'd recommend getting a space-saver towel and decant some hair & body wash into a small plastic bottle. As for kit I'd just suggest getting a decent running jacket... Try a specialist running shop for the shoes and see what they suggest. Hope that helps.
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