A question for the Glaswegians

I'm in Glasgow tomorrow and have a couple of hours to spare so planning on taking my running kit.

I'm staying in the centre (by the station) and looking to run for between 6 and 9 miles - any suggestions? Don't mind doing a shorter circuit a couple of times, main concern is not to get lost... I was thinking of maybe a couple of miles along the Clyde? Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • Hiya 2wheels

    to avoid the danger of getting lost i'd head south from the station to the river. turn left and follow the clyde (on your right hand side until you reach Glasgow Green. Then follow the path hugging the river until you come to a halt (the path should be fenced off). Then just turn and come back. for variety you might want to cross the river and come back on the other side. should be about 7 and a half miles by my calculations.

    oh and...even if you are here in the daytime....bring a torch!image

  • 2wheels, I've got a gpx file of a run that I do regularly along the Clyde and around at lunchtime, it's about 7.5 ish miles, if you give me an email address I could send that to you.  It's basically following the Clyde as the other poster suggested but crossing over to the other side and heading back into town along the river through the Gorbals and then keeping going on past the squinty bridge and out to the bridge at the BBC before crossing over again and heading back into town to finish neat St Enoch centre.

  • Thanks both - they both sound ideal!

    Ghost Rider I've PM'd you an email address - thanks

  • That's a good, easy to follow route too. wherever, you go, enjoy your run pal image

  • 2wheel, I had messaging turned off on my profile, so can you send your address again

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