Rotary Shakespeare Half Marathon

Anyone doing this? I've taken a friends place, she signed up but is now doing VLM/


  • I am! I've booked in for the full one and am now wondering whether I should have stuck to half. In for a penny in for a pound. It's my first time at this race, last year it was blizzard conditions!
  • I'm doing the marathon.... The weather can't be as bad as it was last year, surely?!
  • No, that was a freak day, my mum lives in Stratford and its not normal. The hardest bit will be doing the half route twice as you'll see all the halfers finishing and will have to start again!
  • Yes I live up the road from Stratford and it was a freak day. I was meant to be running a 10k that day and wimped out! I've never done a lap race before so the mental side will be interesting. Best of luck with the training!,
  • Hi.  I am considering entering the marathon but am doing Paris at the start of April.  If I enter the marathon but find it will be too far after Paris, can I downgrade my entry to the half?

  • Anyone who has entered the marathon can turn up and do the half on the day.  There is a cut off time at about 11 miles, where the first lap ends, so you just take the turn to the end instead of starting the second lap.  Anyone failing to meet the cut off will be directed to the finish anyway.


  • Hi, I'm thinking about this one but wondered if anyone knew if the water on the course (to drink rather than to rain on you) comes in bottles or cups? Website says bottles or cups. Past experience has shown me that I need more water over 26 miles than one cup per water station, and taking two cups isn't always easy to do!
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I remember getting a bottle last year but as it was reduced to a half I wasn't really studying all the drinks stations.
  • great, thanks Millsy
  • i,m doing it , supposed to be good for a pb ! good luck everyone .

  • I'm in again despite grumbling at the price. Every year I run it I'm disappointed it costs so much, but then I seem to keep coming back.

    I love this event (having grown up in Stratford), but it's never as competitive at the sharp end as it should be for such a 'big' race - I suspect the high price puts a lot of quicker runners off. Shame!

  • is this a good course for a potential PB? very hillt etc?


  • you'll probably win this after the Warwick showing, Rich!

  • Is this harder or easier then the Warwick half, which I did sunday first ever complete novice? advice anyone?


    I was tempted to enter this (after the Warwick Half on Sunday) but the tone of the information - particularly the USE OF CAPTIAL LETTERS TO MAKE A NEGATIVE POINT  - put me off. I think it says something about the attitude of those that organise it. It really is a lesson in how to put people off. And it doesn't give terms and conditions greater clout in law just because you put them in capitals!  

    Kenilworth half is good - but not till early sept. Might just have do this one  anyway.


  • I'm doing the half, my first time at this event. Not long now. Good luck everyone!!

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I think RW have deleted my thread on transferring my place for this race.  I have asked why as it's a legal transfer?  Anyway, to the lady that wanted my place, please can you contact me.  Can you send me a message via RW? I am not sure if posting my email address was the violation?

  • My mate gave up his number for this one but I am not too tempted to have it off him, on more than one occasion the organisers has p%$£%^$ me off.

  • I would like to do this ... not sure if you can transfer entries ... or if I can get in ?
    Email is m_s_harrington@ very high temperature mail dot com

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Hi Mark


    I have emailed you.

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