Ullswater Trail Race 14K

Very well organised, very friendly competitors, relaxing steamer ride there (albeit running a little late!). The course was quite challenging for a trail running newby like me but I loved every minute of it (apart from that climb up the rock stairway for the final summit!!). The weather was superb, the views were breathtaking and I can't recommend the lakeland trails series enough! The technical t-shirt was good quality and a nice momento of the day.

There was a real mixed bag of abilities which I found really inspiring as I didn't feel out of my depth.

 I'll definately be back next year for the full series!!


  • Longboy - totally agree - did this last year, Helvelyn race on the Saturday then this race on the Sunday, fantastic image. Would recommend their marathon if you have not done it before - tough but worth it.

  • Tigerspaw, might be  a bit to far for me at the moment but who knows!! I'm finishing off the season at the cartmel sticky choc run in December, a nice "finish" to the year!!

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