Liversedge Half Marathon 2013

Entries for the Liversedge Half are well on the way to being half full, so don't delay in getting your entry in. We are expecting the race to be full by Christmas this year.


  • ES cheers for the tip off. link for anyone who needs it this race is great if a little bit on the hilly side. image

  • Tempted. Watched once and it looked pretty good.
  • Well that started a stampede ..............   we now have just over 300 !!!!, so may have to revise the closing date again.

  • image Oh heck i better get off my arse and enter then. ET if you fancy it could sort out a car share from the shire if it tips you over to entering. There is a sweet steep down hill at the start and them it get's up hill again. It's very much like Eyam but with a greater chance of some snow.

  • Cake/ET - following Cake's recommendation that this was a little bit 'lumpy' I will be enterign this as well image, when I get round to it. Count me in for the car share !

  • image Excellent image

  • Just to advise that we have taken just over 400 entries now!!

  • Just to advise that the race is now fully subscribed, and we are now building up a reserve list, so if anyone who has entered and can't run, then can they please let us know.

  • Cake can't run, he is too old and knackered !! image
  • ET/Cake - have you entered ?
  • image Afraid with being poorly it slipped my mind. I've get myself on the reserve list. Chances are I'll be turning up anyway it's not a massive distance so even if I can't get a number I can marshall for once. Hope not to be honest that's chuffing harder than racing.

  • Marshals always welcome!!

  • Well, only a week to go now. Let's hope the weather holds up. Promise of a few wintery showers later in the week.

  • I've not entered Carter. I was in thT part of the world today at Dewsbury 10k and I'm surevLiversedge will be just as glam!
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