Should I train with sciatica....NEED TO DECIDE BY FRIDAY!!!!!

so my come back to running is going to be a huge over achievement, i secured a place in the london marathon and it has been a huge huge dream of mine!!!!

however i am recovering from shin splints and suffering sciatoca at the momnet which is causing mobility isuues, i have good days and bad days!!!

the ballot payment has to be paid by 5pm friday the 9th of november and i really dont know what to do!!!

do i train carfully and just be happy with what ever i managed to acheve or do i be sensible and drop out???!!!!!



  • As far as i'm aware, you can pay the ballot entry fee and if you decide you aren't fit enough to run, you can defer yiour entry untl next year. Should be in the book somewhere

  • +1 with Ricardo take the place  and if you need to defer it.

    Sciatica is common in runners but also generally they can get rid of it quicker than sedentary types.  Hamstrings and piriformis exercises are often all that is needed.

  • With mild sciatica you should be ok to run in 6 weeks with some decent physio on it and strengthening of key muscles in the region (glutes, hammies, hip flexors). Confirm it! 

  •  "i secured a place in the london marathon and it has been a huge huge dream of mine!!!!"

    To me that says it all - pay it and defer if necessary you may not get another opportunity.

  • So I have spoken to a few professionals and it would be a huge shock to my system and my body o consider completing the marathon this time round. So I'm gonna give myself more time to train by deferring until next yer.

    Thanks for the help guys x. X
  • Laura, VLM is a long way off.  What sort of professionals did you speak to and why did they think a marathon would be a huge shock to your system?  Sorry, really curious.

  • image  she's wanting to do a marathon, with a condition that is massively affecting the training.

    If that wouldn't be a huge shock to the system i don't know what would image


  • The fact that I have not been training for a while upping my training to marathon level to ensure I was up to standard would shake my body. Also I have to consider whether I am a runner or a dancer as the physio was worried that if I pushed myself too much I may ruin my ability to dance as I'm in recovery still
  • The marathon will still be there the year after. Enter now and defer (as already mentioned). You will get much more enjoyment from it if you are able to give the training justice. The training is where all the hard work is and the race is the pay-off. The less you train, the more it will hurt. Don't risk your dance abilty for the sake of one day when you don't have to.

    Good luck for VLM 2014. 

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