Patella Tendinitis Recovery

I was diagnosed yesterday as having Patella Tendinitis in my right knee following an incident at work.
Running-wise, I tend to do between 5 and 10k 3-4 times a week (on road), mixed in with 30min sessions on the treadmill at the gym. Obviously, I am now doing nothing until the inflammation calms down.
I've been doing a bit of research into how to build myself up once the pain has subsided, and I'm doing leg extensions every day, as my GP has advised. I'm also taking NSAIDs for the tendinitis itself. 
My question is should I be doing anything else to aid recovery? Are there any exercises/equipment anyone can recommend? And when I do feel fit enough to run again, how should I begin? Will it be a simple case of building up as I go, or should I be taking (and is there any) additional steps I could incorporate into my training so that I don't "run" into this problem again? 



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    Ryan- I had it in both knees after the Berlin marathon in 2009 and then stupidly ran through it doing Vlm the year after.Then I was unable to walk up or down stairs without pain let alone run. I saw a consultant who organised an ECG guided dry needling of the areas affected to encourage fresh blood flow to start new healing (Im not convinced that was a good idea and reckon just resting for a couple of months would have done the trick) I had some phsyio. It seemed to plateau at that time and I decided to try to train through it.By then the inflamation had gone but I seemed to have scar tissue which renewed itself overnight. Regular swimming and cycling /spinning helped build up the muscles around the knee and I did a little running leading to two Autumn sprint tris last year and then marathon training for VLM and Liverpool this year.Throughout I have kept up swimming and cycling and generally apart when the mileage got up to 70miles all I have been left with is a tingling in my left knee which comes and goes and which I can live with. Single and double legged squats help too.

    Can anyone suggest how to deal with extreme tightness/knot where the achillees attaches to the calf as thats my current problem! Its one problem after another

    Good luck

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