Training advice please

I'm dong the Pilgrims Way in Feb next year, all the training plans I've seen have back to back runs but one is a long run and one shorter.  If the run is 2 days running 33 miles each day should my training runs mimic that  and do 2 long runs of the same distance back to back image


  • Ps - it's my first ultra

  • Sunluvva - I too am doing my first ultra next year. The training plans I've looked at tend to focus on the length of time to run rather than the distance for the back to back runs. Mine is a 16 week plan that starts off at 90 & 180 mins, builds up to 4 hours and 5 hours for a couple of weeks and then starts tapering down again. My thoughts are that I will go along with this plan and tinker with it if necessary.

    Have fun !

  • Sunluvva, first, welcome to the ultra side, and good luck. I was thinking about Pilgrims Way but I've put it off to give me the chance of 4 x 50-milers during next year!

    If you Goggle for "Run for the Toad training schedule" you'll find a 50K programme with more even split between the weekend long runs - I've done the conversions from km to miles, so if you want a copy, send me a message with your e-mail address.

    I've also heard it suggested that varying may be best - so sometimes one very long, one shorter, sometimes more even.

  • Thanks caterusm and Debra.  I've googled that schedule Debra but would love a copy in miles too so will message you my email address. 

    I was thinking 2 33 mile runs back to back was lunacy but 4 50 milers sounds even more daft Debra image

  • Debra, I think your mesage settings are off.  Here's my email anyway,  Thanks

  • That was supposed to be 5 x 50 milers - I could have done 4 plus Pilgrims Way. image Still could, if I decide to do Pilgrims Way rather than Thames Trot.

    They are spread out over more than five days - more like eight months.... But have you seen the Relentless schedule?


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