Lunch time Running Clubs


Has anyone any experience of setting up a lunch time running club at their work place? And is it still running/proving popular?

I work at a university and I'm sure there are members of staff who would be up for a lunch time saunter. We have changing facilities and showers on site and I'm sure there are some decent routes nearby.

I'm curious to find out if anyone has successfully launced a club, any obstacles they faced, if it proved at all poular with staff and any other tips. If folks only get a 30-60 minute lunch break - how much time should be dedicated to running? Would it be advisable to have a 'one-pace suits all' outlook or everyone go off at different speeds.

Any advice - most appreciated!


  • Initially would it have to be a club, just a get together with like minded individuals who want to run.  

    Does the university have a running/athletics club already which you could join, or are staff not allowed to join.

  • Thank you Grendel3 - good advice.

    I'll take baby steps and hope it takes off!

    Kind regards

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