Degenerative disks

Hi. Ive been having problems on/off with my left leg and back since i started training and completing the London Marathon. My tandons in my left leg are very tight and non pliable, and have had back pain for the last 3 months. With the help of physio and oesteopathy i feel almost back to normal. But recent MRI reseults show that i have degenerative disks (i'm only 28!!!) and have been advised by the orthopedic surgeons that i should not run. I've never been active before and running was the first excerize that i have really enjoyed. I'm running in small amounts on a treadmill at the moment. I would really hate to give up running, but understand that my body and health come first. Has anybody else got experience of running with degenerative disks/back problems? Would seeing a specialist physio/running coach help? Any advice would be really really appricited!


  • I have no experience of this, but would advise you see a specialist sports physio. He/she may well tell you the same thing, or they might be able to help you to run, although you might not be doing marathons!

    good luck

  • I have a degenerative disc, it was diagnosed 20 years ago. At the time I was advised not to run or do any kind of exercise which would put pressure on it so I took up swimming and that was pretty much the only exercise I did for years. I decided that I would try running last year when my back had been pretty good for a while and I can honestly say it has helped. I saw a physio before I started increasing distance and he was fine for me to run.

    I was under the impression that the advice with back problems these days was to keep mobile so I am surprised you have been told not to run?  See a good physio and see what their advice is and definitely ask the surgeon what his reasons are for the advice he (almost definitely a he!) gave.

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