Shin Splints

Hi All

New to Runners World was hoping to get a bit of advise.


I used to play a number of sports so exercise is not new to me but recenlty started up running but strugginling with shin splints.

Since this has happened I have checked my trainers to make sure they are correct started to eat and drink the right things Iv been told swimming will help any ideas to what else I can do to help.

I'm getting to about 2k in my run sometimes even less maybe running is not meant to be.




  • I suffered with shin splints too and I went to see a really good physio as soon as they started. She told me my calves were tight and therefore putting extra strain on my shin muscles, particularly where it inserts down near my ankle.

    She gave me a sports massage to help loosen up my calves, ultra sound on the inflamed areas and also some stretching exercises to do. Once I had a couple of weeks of this, she gave me some strengthening exercises for my shins using one of those tension bands.

    Touch wood, I've been back running for about 3 weeks and my shins have been fine. She said I may get some aching in the area for the first few runs but provided it wasn't painful and wasn't sharp pains to continue. I've been back to her a couple of time since I've been back running and she is pleased with my progress.

    I would definitely recommend going to see a physio. It's really worth it. I had a few weeks off initially but would have been laid up far longer had I no had them treated.
  • I used to suffer with exactly the same problem until a friend of mine suggested I try some compression calf guards and I have never looked back, not saying they will work for everyone but if you really want to run they are defo worth a go.

  • Hi Thanks for the feedback I will try anything right now I will look into both ideas thanks for your help.

  • Hi Jason, I had terrible shin splints. I found that I went too far too fast too soon. 


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