new balance 110

Has anybody else tried these. Just got a pair for 31 quid and am absolutely blown away by them. It's hard to imagine a shoe that is more fun to run on trails in.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    A great shoe for the money. Wore mine for my first 50K in the summer and no issues at all. Will prob buy another pair just in case they stop becoming available.

  • Ive been thinking the same thing. I've still been doing my long runs in less minimal shoes but might start increasing the distance in mine.
  • Do you wear yours with or without socks?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    With socks as got them for a 50k so wanted to be safe rather than sorry. I reckon you could get away without them on runs up to 10 k.
  • how do they perform in mud?

  • Excellent, the grip is adequate and the low profile helps aswell.
  • recently got a pair of these after getting frustrated with how undurable the brooks pure grit were. Love them - a brilliant shoe. They seem to be holding up well, and at £35, a bargain!

  • Did the NDW100, (yes 100 mile) in them, amazing shoes! Were just as happy on a 20km boggy hill race last weekend and have also used them in fell races!

    Snazzy colours too - I wear my old pair casually and get loads of admiring comments about them image

  • Sound very positive. I run in brooks pure flows so was thinking of grits for off road/mud but i haven't heard very favourable comments about them.

    Do NB110 have some cushioning?
  • initially I loved the grits (I use the flows for road running  - and love them), but then I got a bit fed up with them. The tread isnt that grippy - especially on wet rock etc, inov8s etc much better, and they are not durable. I've had the toes ripping open after just 200 miles. They are very comfortable though! I still use them, but am increasingly favouring the NB 110s.



  • Not sure id fancy running a 100 miler in them, but I'm relatively new to minimalist shoes. Doing the Thames path 100 in march, ill have to wait and see what shoe ill wear for that.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Goji not a great deal of cushioning on them. Wouldn't like to run too far if I was a heel striker, but i'm not so I think they are great.
  • 4mm drop I think, running NDW100 was a gamble as my NB 101's got destroyed at an ultra a couple of weeks earlier! I have been in minimal shoes for a couple of years though...
  • Thank you for your responses. Sounds like the right shoe for me, now it's going for about ??34 on amazon I think
  • One more thing to add, I needed to go one size bigger than usual with the 110's. A friend has the same problem...

  • For sizing, I'm 9.5 in all asics but 10 in these.
  • Definitely a size larger than normal. I had tried two pairs

    Before getting a full size bigger.
  • Definately a size bigger, definately not for a heel will bruise very easily just forward of your heel. I've noticed a strange roll in mine too and the foot cuff is a bit flappy, but other than that (and the durability of the uppers around the arch) they are superb.

    Brilliant laces!
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