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Hi everyone Newbie to triathlons here, just entered The Brutal half for next September. Anyone done this event? I've been lurking for a while now picking up some training tips etc, so may well ask some stupid questions in the future... Anyways, just a quick hello from me....cheers


  • Welcome to the madhouse Peter !!

    Pick a thread or 6 and jump in ... most of us are quite welcoming image

  • Cheers m...eldy will do!
  • image Ay up mate just in case there is no such thing as a stupid question just stupid answers any one tell you different just go image

  • Cheers Cake! Hopefully won't sound too stupid, there does seem to be masses of info for newbies on here anyway. So just been trawling through the other threads.
  • Hi Peter,

    I'm new to all this so just normally lurk myself and pick up info that way. One piece of advice the guys on hear give out regularly is to have a swimming lesson, I did and the difference is very noticeable. I could swim but the technique was no where near where it should be, from just the one lesson I am much more efficient, thus saving energy for the bike and run. I will go back in a month or for a check up. Could not recommend enough.

    Wow, now I have given advice I had better book myself my first tri!
  • Hi supersparx

    Yes it is something I have been considering, I used to swim for the local town squad many many years ago, but don't remember it being as hard effort wise as it is feeling at the mo. I will give it a month or so and then look into having a lesson.
  • welcome to the craziness, Blue Peter.

  • Welcome on board guys, good luck with your training.
  • Hi Ironholgs,

    I found this site while psyching myself up for my sprint tri next May, thought that would do me, then someone here recommended your book, read it, now aiming for a full ironman in 2014........you have a lot to answer for!!

    Great read, cheers.
  • Hi both.........

    the brutal sounds a good one.already looking forward to teh race report image

  • Which Sprint you doing Sparx?

  • Good, you've had the swimming lesson. Ironman next then.image

    Welcome to the dark side.
  • Cheers for the welcome... Just pricing up how much I can(want) to spend on race entries for training/turbo trainer/new bike/swimming membership/keeping the OH happy...????
  • However much you estimate, add on a bit - it'll come out to be more! But Christmas is coming - get going on your wish list. When it comes to keeping the OH happy - no probs for me, mine does tri as well. Can you get yours involved?

  • Ironwolf, yes that could be a possibility. Both started running last year, and she has successfully run two hm's. I did a marathon last month and I don't think she is keen on the distance! We'll see. Your right on the Christmas thing though, we'll timed I think...;)
  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Which Sprint you doing Sparx?

    The one at Dorney, 29th May. Depending on training I might try and find an earlier one!


    Dustboy wrote (see)

    Which Sprint you doing Sparx?


    PSC wrote (see)
    Good, you've had the swimming lesson. Ironman next then.image

    Welcome to the dark side.

    2014 is the plan, but the way training has come to a stop this week might be 2017!!





  • image I wouldn't worry to much about that chuck my swimming is still pants. image

  • Sparx, that's my plan as well..2014 ironman. Loose plan for 2013 is as follows;

    March- Liverpool HM

    May - Stratford sprint tri

    July - Yorkshire Olympic tri

    August (end of)- a.n.other HM possibly fleet wood.

    September - 'A' race - the brutal (half)

    Aiming to pad the above races out with open water swimming and long rides, park runs etc.

    Then continue for a full ironman in 2014...
  • Stratford is a great starter to the season, newbie or experienced, I might be on for that one too.

  • image Blue peter see you at Liverpool half and stratford hopefully with dustboy as well because he's lovely. If your from around Chester/Liverpool way there are quite a few open water events in the lake district and quite a few regulars are from round that way so hopefully should be able to give you some tip off's for where you can play.

  • Cake, nice one sounds good, I am in the middle of cheshire so not far from chester,Liverpool etc. also, thinking of doing a recce or two for the brutal... Bike the llan beris pass and possibly a hike up and down snowdon as well.
  • Peter,

    your plan is much more advanced than mine, I am trying to get my base levels up but struggling witht the runningimage. I will keep at it though. 

  • Sparx, where are you up to with training at the mo? How much are you running per week? I average about 30 miles pw but that increased for the marathon training for a period. Although not sure if I will still be able to fit more than that in a week along with swimming and biking as well
  • We WILL do that bacon butty next time Cake! Blue Peter as well! I am focussing on sprints next year, giving long a miss so will be going for a time. Ha ha!

  • Always up for a bacon butty dustboy!

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a turbo trainer? Looking to spend no more than ??150, been checking eBay and there are a few bargains to be had, anything I should be looking for?or avoiding? Cheers
  • If your around cheshire then there is a little event we organise, you can do as much or as little you want.


    Also there is a couple of Sportives very early next year.

    Jodrell Bank 10th March

    Cheshire sportive 17th Feb


  • Open water swimming, Boundry park, just outside Holmes Chapel

    or Manley Mere


  • Cheers SA, what date is the pirate DIY event?

    Also, having just googled boundary park lake Holmes chapel, I have realised its about 5 mins from where I work and about 10 mins from home! Didn't even know it was there.
  • Ignore comment about the date, I have just actually read the subtitle!!! Possibly cheshire sportive might be a good one for me as well, cheers
  • We have loads of pirates kicking around cheshire and surrounding areas, every now and then will try to organise a group ride, ealier in the year we wnet up to Manchester and rode out to Bolton took in a lap of IMUK bike route and cycled back to Manchester for bacon butties. We go as fast as thes lowest person, all very relaxed

    Jut keep hanging around, try and join the PSOF group on Facebook

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