How to run 10k under 42 minutes

I can run 5 miles around 35~36 mins. I can run half marathon around 1 hour 41 mins. Can I run 10k about 42 mins? Is this possible? I have about 2 weeks to train for the 10k. What is my goal should be? 43 mins? What should I do within these 2 weeks? Thanks!


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    Mcmillan pace calculator gives you a time of 45mins for the 10k based on your HM time.  It also gives 36 mins for 5 miles, so it seems consistent.


  • If you've got two weeks left there's not too much you can do really. I would aim for a solid sub 45 and take it from there. In the future though, two words - mile repeats! They are my staple for running PB's. If you can run mile reps at race pace with short recoveries (60sec) it gives confidence to perform during a race, as well as developing pace in a meaningful way.
  • My pbs are similar:  HM - about 1.41 10k - 41.57 and 5 miles 34.50 - all very much done in the days of my youth, and after a few months of practice including speed sessions/hilly runs to build up stamina.

  • I wouldn't have thought there's a lot you could do in just 2 weeks except get yourself mentally focussed and dig deep on race day. You might surprise yourself!

  • Hi Daniel,

    From your times i would think that 43 minutes should be achievable - will depend on how hilly/flat the course is though!

    Even with only 2 weeks left you could add in some speedwork to your runs - i would consider doing mile repeats at the target goal pace. Try doing a session with 3 mile repeats at 43min pace with 1'30 mins rest in between.

    If you add in some long runs (9-10miles) it will help with you endurance and assist in the latter stages of a 10k, although not sure it will help you for your next 10k with only two weeks left.

    Best of luck
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