NY Marathon


Who else travelled to New York for the Marathon? We got a text telling us it was cancelled as we were going through imigration at JFK - gutted!

We have been told we will be allowed to run next year - no refunds on the table. What have you heard?   


  • I am guessing as you had already travelled that there is no chance of an insurance claim?

  • I don't think travel insurance would pay out because the race was cancelled.

  • I hope they had a good reason for the cancellation!

  • No insurance claim. Had they cancelled mid week instead of waiting untill Friday ( two days before the race!) we might have been able to cancel our trip.

  • Hi,I missed out too.Flew out on the thurs-delayed from the wednesday.Found out after registering at the expo.I have not heard anything re placce being rolled over-did you get in on the ballot? I got my place through a tour company.

  • Hi, Rhianon,

    I got my place through a tour as well. I was told by our tour organiser ( whilst still in NY) that we were probably going to be offered a place any time over the next five years. I also got an email from NY Road Runners ( ING) yesterday saying we would be told exactly whats on offer in the 'coming weeks'.

    Will you go again next year if we are offered a place?   

  • i also travelled out, am gutted but mayor bllomberg is to blame, there was nothing wrong with new york, we went over to staten island. the race could and should have gone ahead.

    bloomberg kept us waiting for as long as possible, me and my wife spent over £500 spending money in new york, you times that by 47,000 runners (each taking a partner) it makes 23,500,000 (231/2

  • 23 1/2 million pound

    that is why he cancelled it at the last minute, he wanted everyone to still go to new york to spend thier money.


  • he took us all for mugs

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