Which marathon to do?

I want to get a sub 3 hour marathon time and wonder if anyone has any advise on which marathon to do. I run at least 3 times a week and increase it to 6/7 times a week when training for a marathon. The Seville marathon is in 15 weeks time, the baecelona in 18 and and the lochaber in 22.  I got 3.23 in the edinburgh last year. Any advise on training or which marathon might be best would be much appreciated. Cheers Gary 




  • Hi Garry, Just wondering if you did indeed end up running a sub 3 hour marathon? I'm sitting on a pb of 3:20 and would like to crack 3 hours and am looking to do it in my next marathon in 15 weeks.

  • I don't think he did. Certainly not in that time frame.

    He states on another post that his training was 3 x 1 hour a week. So nowhere near enough distance - and I think he got injured anyway.

    Check out the Sub 3 threads but a 20minute improvement is going to require a step change in your training I think.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    20 min is a massive amount to take off in 15 weeks. What makes you think that it is possible?

    In regards to marathons I've heard that Manchester is a flat fast course.
  • Yeah I know it's a big jump...I have come down from marathon number #1 in 3:56 to marathon #2 in 3:26 which were 3 months apart. My current PB is 3:20 but since then  I  feel I am in 3:15 form right now. However I would love to see if I could really nail quality training and diet to see what's possible in 2016...unfortunately I'm based in Aus so would be looking for local marathons here or in NZ...has anyone ever done Rotorua Marathon?

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