Post-Race Motivation

Hey Everyone,

I assume everyone has experienced the same struggles I have

I ran Edinburgh Marathon in May and what kept me going through training from then forwards was the Great North Run. I however, did lapse in the period from May to September mainly due to an ongoing injury

A rather unexpected PB later during the GNR, I haven't quite got going again with the running or even gym work and am somehow REALLY struggling for motivation. Any on how I can rekindle the love for many long runs?

I've been going out once or twice a week managing a 10-12km run on a weekend and one or two 5km runs during the week at a very maximum. With the lack of running I seem to be losing my edge a bit as my HR is seeming to be consistently higher than normal during similar runs




  • Get your name dow for another marathon early next yer, that keeps me going through the cold weather

  • As Chef says, get a race booked!

  • Obviously booking another race is the best route.  There are other ways though.

    I struggle a little with winter running.  I run in the mornings and when I lie in a dry, warm bed, knowing it's dark and freezing outside.  I can hear the rain lashing against the window and I really struggle to find the motivation to remove body from bed and place it in a hostile environment for an hour of cold, tiring work.  It's such an acute juxtaposition at this time of year and it's mentally hard to promote the concept to your rational mind let alone your comfortably content body.

    What keeps me going at moments like that is one thought - What do I want to be like when i'm older?  Do I want to be a semi-permanent hospital resident, shuffling around with a knackered body, rattling to the tune of 20 different pills and wondering when the bell will finally toll on my old, saggy, dysfunctional decrepit being?  Or do I want to be healthy, still fit, active and with as few health problems that only good diet and regular exercise can deliver?

    It's all the motivation I need.  Up I get, out I go.

  • I'm struggling to do the gym time atm. Running seems to be ok as I can just run home which is a suitable 8.5miles and the thought of going to the gym after work when it's already dark is a bit miserable.

  • What good Sprint-Triathlons are there? I've done the Marathon, Half, 10km, 5km and so need to tick a triathlon off the list

  • Sometimes when it's not happening you just have to step back recognise the fact that your heads not there and leave it alone for a bit.  Some times your body is telling your brain stuff that your will doesn't want to hear.

    You got a PB after a forced rest that should tell you something. Take the pressure off for a bit and let your motivation come back on it's own.

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