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I let my subscription to Runners World lapse a couple of years ago. Today I decided I would renew my subscription and get the magazine as a download to my tablet. The cost of a 12 month subscription to download is £35.30 yet if I opt to subscribe via this website and have the magazine posted to me, the cost is only £29.99. I would have thought that if there was going to be a price difference it would be the printed and posted magazine that would be more expensive. Does anyone know why the electronic version of Runners World costs more than the printed version?


  • I wouldn't bother, just dig out the magazines from when you did subscribe and read them it will be the same as reading the current version, I got sick of reading the same articles every couple of months, or silly features about bare feet running.

    "Beginners, lose a stone" - February

    " Lose a stone, Beginners" - September


  • I know what you mean. Unfortunately I have binned or given away all my old copies as they were just causing clutter. It was to avoid the clutter that I was considering getting the e-version of the mag. Then I could save them for rereading without them taking up any space.

  • It might be because printed stuff is not VAT-able but electronic stuff is. I don't know if magazines are the same as books but I suspect they might be. VAT is not charged on actual books but it IS charged on e-books. For god only knows what reason...

  • P.S. In this month's edition there's an offer to subscribe for something like £26 and get a Montane Fetherlite jacket (cost £55) as a free gift. image

  • is there s code or anythng for the offer? i am going to subscribe and was just checking for any freebies.

    Many thanx in advance.

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