Boxing Day run - Saltwood

Hi - does anyone know how you enter the Saltwood Boxing Day run? A couple of friends of mine want to do it, I said I would - all goes towards my London marathon training!





  • In the past entry forms have been available, for advance entry, from several shops & offices in Hythe - Blue Shield Insurance for example, or from the Race Organiser, Greg at Kent Trophies in Dover.
    Lots of people choose to enter on the day at Saltwood Green - expect a queue if you plan to do this.

    However, I've not seen any info about this year's run, so I'm not sure if any of my comments above will be relevant.

  • I ran this last year and picked up an entry from the Castle pub in Saltwood beforehand. But if you are not local it is best to enter on the day. There is some information here - but despite being popular with hundreds of runners, the publicity and entry system seems to continue to be on a ad-hoc basis.

  • I've had a chat with the organiser who says that on-the-day entry will be in the Village Hall, opposite the Castle Pub, and will be open from 10:00.

    The start has been moved back to the Green, but a different route taken to get onto the school field as there's now a fence blocking access from the lane.

  • Is it still an 11 ish start?

  • Ah, that was one of the questions I forgot to ask. I think it's 12:00

  • Yup, Garmin Connect says start at 11:59

    (that's from last years run, obv.image)

  • Thanks image

  • Glad its starting at village green. This is great news
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