Running with Hallux Rigidus

Anyone got this & still manage to enjoy running? I have it in both big toes & wondering if there are any tips etc? Thanks Nicky


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    I have had this in my right big toe for years now, and have had no problems at all with it.

  • Just found this thread. I've been struggling with this for three years now and only today had a steroid injection to see if it might help. I'm 52, fat & running 2 marathons a year! Total milage approx 1500+ per year. A new joint was discounted and so was the fusion option, so went for the injection instead. I gave running club a miss tonight just to rest it as it's a bit sore.

    I've been running on the outside of my foot for 12 months to compensate for the lack of toe movement & have suffered calf issues all year. The physio spotted the problem & recommended I take action.

    I'll report in a weeks time & let you know hows it's going. It would be interesting to hear how others have coped with this.

  • I'v got it in right toe, orthotics seem to do the trick, never hurts running and i do a couple of marathons a year but it does hurt if I ever bang it walking barefoot in the house!
  • I've got it in my right toe and ran a marathon on it with no probs. It hurts more when I walk, especially barefooted. Up until now I've been running in Asics Virage on the roads, but want something with next to no heel drop. Has anyone got any experience in running in less padded shoes with this problem? I'm looking at getting some Innov-8's as not sure going down to NM Minimus is shuch a great idea with this issue...

  • I can understand the walking issues. My wife power walks marathons and if I've been foolish enough to join her in training, I've ended up limping / skipping to keep up. The walking action seems to roll through the foot and off the big toe unlike my fore foot running action. My fell shoes are Inov8 Mudrocks and can't say they make any difference.

    Never mind, keep trying & keep going.

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