Gloves and tendonitus!

slightly random ask but can anyone suggest the pair least ;likely to cause tendonitus....I have been running 20M plus on trail all weathers sundays and playing with the end of my gloves in the right hand and now have tendonitus...of all the injuries from long distance...I need warm snug fit I think to stop me playing with the ends of my gloves and perhaps mittens would give me too much room.I dont really know!

Has anyone had this before ? is there a solution as i am in such a dream world this early that I am doing it without even noticing after 2 or 3 hours.  HELP!!!


  • Is there any evidence that gloves cause tendinitis? What is your hypothesis of how a pair of gloves could cause such an injury?
  • More on the lines of movement at the ends of the gloves.....habit rather than gloves causing it but hopefully a more snug fit would help but dont know what to get or to just buy mittens instead/ tape my fingers so I dont move them ( smarties tubes perhapsimage).....Diagnosed by the doctor by the way as do not do anything other repetitive.......

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    Isn't this like shoes, where its down to personal fit?  I have some Altura cycling gloves that are a nice snug fit and some Gore running gloves that are a bit long in the fingers.  You may find the Gore ones the perfect fit, and the Altura ones too small 

  • How about vulcan wrist supports
  • mittens to stop you playing with yourself? Hmmm. . . . . image

  • He says he doesn't anything other repetitive
  • I know exactly what you mean as when I'm running long I also twitch my fingers a certain way. Doesn't give me tendonitis but I can see what you're getting at. It's like people who sit with one leg crossed over the other wiggling their ankle back and forth without realising they're doing it. Or autistic people rocking or hand flapping.

    Rather than wondering about whether to wear gloves or mittens, I think you'd get on better with practicing mindfulness and learning how to not twiddle your fingers when your mind drifts off while running. Smarties tubes may work well in the short term as you'll probably feel so silly with them stuck on your fingers that it might encourage you to stop twiddling a lot faster than you'd manage without them!

  • vulcan wrist supports, I have no idea what those are but they sound seriously cool !

  • glad to know I am not going nutsimage) I dont think I actually said playing with myself with mittens but the scope for comedy was there admittedly. I had thought I could strap them together in a mitt as well.

    Thanks so far for all the advice.....

  • Sorry Chris, couldnt help it image

    what gloves do you have at the moment?

  • Are you sure it is tendonitis? Could it just be your wrists are getting so cold that it causes aching from lack of circulation. Maybe you need to wear some gauntlets like some of the sheilas do
  • Do you take a drink on your long runs? switch to a handheld and hold it in the offending hand. If you don't have a handheld get a small dog and carry that.

  • what like a chihuaua WiB ??

  • just a cheap pair of karrimor running gloves is what I have, no dogs and no bottles to hold....either hydration pack or bottle belt...

  • those are what i have too. (but i do have a dog and sometimes a bottle!)
    perhaps you just need to pay a bit more for a better fit glove.

    and give your hands a bit of a shake out occasionally

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