blisters help!

right got two beasts on both feet from breaking in new work boots image

obviously still going to run on sunday (10 miler) but whats everyone found the best way to prevent them from killing my times?

is it just a case of wrap the hell out of me feet and suck and see?


  • If it was me, I'd drain them then stick compeed patches on. If the compeeds didn't cover them up or didn't reduce the discomfort to almost zero, I wouldn't run.

  • thanks ill give that a try. hopefully i can still run image

  • Tesco blister plasters are every bit as good as compeed and cost a quarter of the price.

  • Oh, I completely agree. I use 'compeed' the way people use 'Hoover' to mean any vacuum cleaner. I do use actual compress but I buy them cheap on eBay - a fiver for 30 of them... image
  • I became very good with blisters after a very wet marathon, I was plagued by them for 6 months. Injinji toe socks cured them for me
  • Compeer are the way to go with blisters, saved my bacon for the Birmingham half few weeks back, like a couple of extra layers of skin!! Thanks or the tip about ebay runs-with-dogs, paying a fiver for 5 bloody expensive!! Xx
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