Missing runs in the taper period before a marathon

Hi guys

I am due to run a marathon next weekend, but have been struggling with the Flu for the past week and have missed a number of runs.  Before the illness I have had a solid 12 week build up to the marathon peaking at 50+ miles and just wanted to see what impact having a week and half off in the taper period will have on my marathon.  


  • If it's genuinely flu, my main concern would be whether you're 100% well again for race day, rather than any missed training.  All the hard work's done, so a few missed sessions shouldn't be a problem.  Having said that, turning up on race day having done little or no running leading up to it can put doubts in the mind about your form, and also leave you feeling sluggish, so if you can resume training and fit in a few more sessions including race pace, it would be a good thing.

  • FJB do not run if you have even the slightest sniffles from a flu image 

    sounds a bit dramatic but have you heard the horror stories of people running on a cold?

  • Thank you for the advice guys, think I may have to pass on this marathon and focus on Brighton in April.

  • What horror stories are those Jason?

    Flu is an odd thing. I've had proper flu once in my life. Standing up was out of the question. I've also heard recently that they now believe some people can actually have mild flu and just have symptoms of a mild cold.

    I ran Rutland on Sunday with a head cold, runny nose, slight sore throat when I went to bed but just bunged up when I woke up. After the first few yards my nose started streaming and cleared. Hypothermia was more of a concern to me.
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