Running and rowing (erging)

My routine is three days a week run and three days row (on a machine or "erg", the Concept 2). And one day rest.

Running schedule is home-grown but based on Smartcoach, rowing schedule at the mo is the Pete Plan.

We've got ongoing training threads for various commutations but not this one  ... anyone else up for a place where we can bore each other with our daily exploits?

Just done 4 x 2000 metres 5 mins rest on the erg ... and feeling good image



  • I might dip in and out to get some ideas on sessions, but I've not decided how much rowing I'm going to be doing in the near future. I use it a few times in the week as part of larger gym sessions, usually 15-20 mins, but was doing a lot more when in injury rehab about a year ago, getting up to 30 mins sessions and even a 10k.

    Toyed with the idea of training for the national indoor rowing champs but decided it's a bit too much on top of my marathon and duathlon plans next Spring.  2k flat-out gets me closer to puking than any running I can muster.  image

  • Yesterday was a rowing day so today must be a running one image

    A pleasant 8 and a half miles done along the river and round the nature reserve ... steady aerobic pace, nice and easy.

    I know what you're saying about the 2k flat out, Phil. It's a killer distance and I am far too embarrassed about my 2k time to let on here. I'm more a 5 to 10k type.

  • Muttley surely you've got the days wrong and rowed along the riverimage

  • Ive toyed with the idea of doing more rowing.  What sort of distances/strokes should I look at?

  • Muttley

    I have recently been doing a lot more 'erging' as cross training and from coming back from injury. I have decided to up this for my next block of training and it will become a regular part of training. Currently suffer from sore backside after too much erging!

    I've  been doing some 30 min aerobic workout, and some intervals aimed more at muscle delvelopment (slow stroke rate, high power) 

    Not sure what type of access you have to the rower, but a Concept rower, plus RowPro software can be good fun. This monday is 'Race Night' - a handicapped online event, 2 rows of 5000m.

    Anyone interested in technique etc should check the and/or websites for some good videos / documents.

    On this link is a training document aimed at Runners. Will give some guidance on how / if rowing can benefit running:


  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    Toyed with the idea of training for the national indoor rowing champs but decided it's a bit too much on top of my marathon and duathlon plans next Spring.  2k flat-out gets me closer to puking than any running I can muster.  image

    I tried one flat out 2K - I was crap, by the end I  thought I was going to pass out and just sat there in a daze for 20 mins.

  • A spot of running yesterday so a spot of rowing today ... 45 minutes easy, averaging out at 60 per cent of whr, 17-18 spm, a little over 10,000 metres.

    Also-ran - some good tips there. For the sore bum I use a couple of layers of bubblewrap on the seat and/or a folded handtowel (currently both). My prob at the moment is huge ridged callouses on my hands, one of them mixed in with a lovely big black blood blister.

    I'm fortunate to have my own Concept 2 at home, with a laptop running RowPro and a loud boombox for musical distraction.

    Half-marathon (running) race tomorrow image

  • Bubble wrap - genius image
  • Muttley,

    I too was fortunate to get a concept 2 recently. I have played about with different sessions etc, and tried producing a plan from row pro. How do you find the Pete Plan. I understand you cycle through the training sessions every 3 weeks. This sounds like something I'm going to try shortly.

    At the moment the focus is on technique and 'butt endurance'.

    Good luck with the HM
  • Butt endurance .... oooh matron.

    Here's the Pete Plan. The site also has 5K training plans. The PP is designed to boost your 2K time (as you probably know, ergers live and die by their 2K pb) but I use it because I like the variety - short eyeballs-out sprints, endurance intervals and plenty of steady-state aerobic stuff.

    Some excellent pacing advice as well, btw.

    Most favourite session - the pyramid; least favourite - 4 x 2000 m.

    Six sessions per week so it takes me a fortnight to complete one week.

  • Very glad I saw this thread as it got me on the Concept 2 that sits in my bedroom. I've been meaning to start using it again but always find it boring. I'd rather go for a run but on rest days a quick stint on the rower is good all over. I agree the pyramid is a favourite session.

  • Oooh, a nice half-marathon done today, feeling a little stiff right now and might have a day off tomorrow depending on how I get on.

    Anyone willing to fess up to having done a good session on the erg?

  • 2 x 5k tonight in the Race Night series - my first effort. Was aiming for two sub 20mins, but the second one came in 10 seconds over. There was a whole 5 mins in between the races.

    I really need to train for these distances before racing, but it was "fun"image

  • Hi Muttley and Also-ran. I'm a fellow erger. Have got a place in the VLM next year so I'm doing more running than erging at the moment. This evening I did 2 x 5k on the erg ( Racenight) and I've got a long steady run to do tomorrow. image

  • I've used a Concept 2 at the gym, as cross training, or when protecting against minor injury. I'm sure it did me a lot of physical good... but I definitely took some real psychological benefit from it.

    Somehow, when running up hills, I seem able to tune into the rythym and relentlessness of the rowing exercise, and it's really helped me grind my way up the slope.  Maybe it's just me!

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I use the Concept II at my gym. I'm always amazed at the dreadful technique used by most people and that the gym staff don't seem to care and let them get on with it. I can manage 20 minutes before almost dying. Using it as part of my improve fitness programme as dictated by my polar FT80 hrm.
  • Run Wales I liked your comments about the benefits of the erg. I love trail races but sometimes the long steep hills nearly finish me off. I'm going to think positively about the relentness of the erg in future especially for long hills. Been looking at the MudMan on the 08/12/12 and that's got a horrible long slope. I'm back on the C2 tonight for a stint especially now that I've changed the batteries! 

  • Hannah Hawkins wrote (see)

    Hi Muttley and Also-ran. I'm a fellow erger. Have got a place in the VLM next year so I'm doing more running than erging at the moment. This evening I did 2 x 5k on the erg ( Racenight) and I've got a long steady run to do tomorrow. image

    Hannah - we were in the same heat (I was paddling at the back!) - thank god there was a handicapping system to stop me getting demotivated. The erg is a new addition to the house so its all new at the moment and my technique needs working on.

    I also have VLM next year. Currently recovering from some injuries so running is a bit stop/start at the moment. I'm hoping I won't lose too much cardio fitness by using the rower in the meantime.I haven't decided on a plan for VLM yet, but I am probably going to be reducing weekly mileage to around 40 - 50 and up the amount of cross training I do.

  • Glad you're getting on ok with the erg Also-ran. Funny that we were together on the river. Rowpro is brill for motivation. I'd struggle without it. I'm slowly upping my weekly running miles. Started to run when I couldn't row because I broke my arm. Have you entered BORC? 2k next Sat. I dont think you'll lose any fitness by cross training on the erg. Have fun with it.

  • Good evening fellow ergers image

    Yesterday was a rest day after a half marathon running race on Sunday, so back to the good old Pete Plan today.

    Week 2, hard distance row of 5,000 metres. The longer-term goal on this sesh is to gradually whittle it down to 20 minutes dead without beasting myself, having benchmarked an easy 21 minutes back in July. Three seconds off my previous time today at 20:30 exact and not too bad so there's plenty more to give yet image

    I love rowing against myself on RowPro - like a dog chasing its tail. Really couldn't do without it. Someone said the erg was "relentless". It certainly is - I would suggest "remorseless".

  • Oh, and I thought this was a good song for us. ZZ Top and "erger man" image

  • Erg!!! Couldn't do any rowing last night after work because I'd donated blood and was advised to not do any strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Not sure whether cycling home 2 miles counted but I did feel more tired than usual. Should have full complement of red blood cells by tonight!

  • £1000 for a concept is out of my price range image

  • Spen: I thought long and hard before buying mine. But they hold their value well, as a look on Fleabay proves. I got it five years ago and the cost was part of the motivation to use it. One of the best purchases I've made.

    Becky: poor excuse, it won't wash. Double session for you tonight, young lady!

  • No erging for me this evening since it's a running day (just done 10K steady). Final session of Pete Plan week 3 comes up tomorrow, then back to the beginning ...

    Hannah: hello and welcome!

  • Muttley: Thanks for the "young lady" comment!

  • Nothing for me today. Seem to have a spot of man flu *sniffle*. 

    I'll see how it feels tomorrow.

  • Still returning to running for me, incorporating the erg. 4mile run, then a 30min 'erg' to get off my feet, followed by a further 4.5 mile jog. Things are slowly coming back. All very slow and plodding for now.

    I'm tempted to video myself on the rower to see how bad the technique really is.
  • Is that what the triathlon crowd would call a "brick"? A bit hardcore for me but who knows, I might give it a whirl. Although I alternate with the erg to reduce impact after getting a bit creaky in the joints from doing 50 miles a week.

    Spot of erging just done. 45 minutes easy, still a bit sniffly and hr averaging out 5-10 beats higher than usual. But it dropped to below 100 within a minute or so of finishing and was close to 2xrhr shortly after so not too bad.

  • 4 x 1000m 5 mins rest, as per Pete Plan week 3. Done fast enough it should leave you gasping but with enough rest to recover for the next. I think there's still some room for progress but it was tough and I was gasping ...

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