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  • Aha, welcome becky boo to the erger crew. I bought my C2 in 2007 and am approaching 4.5 million metres on it (probably 5 by now if I include the metres I rowed before starting a log).

    I was wondering when I started this thread if anyone would be interested ... there are more people out there than I realized who speak the language of the Pete Plan, the 2K pb, RowPro etc.

    I am steeling myself right now for an assault on my 5,000 metres time a little later today.

  • A little later ... done. I chased myself on RowPro and beat myself by a boat's length. It's getting tougher though image. The final 1,500m or so were hard work but I did have enough left in the tank to hit it for the last 10 strokes.

    Tomorrow's a steady run day.

  • Last long steady row of week 3 done. That's another set of the Pete Plan done so rinse and repeat and back to week 1, starting with those 500-metre sprints image

  • I've just finished up with week 2 (took 2 weeks due to running getting in the way). How I enjoyed those 4 x 2k intervals image.

  • Ah yes, the infamous 2k intervals .... it's all in the pacing image

  • well my parcel turned up this morning and just 4 screws and 5 minutes later it was set up image

    Hubby was very impressed with the design, build and engineering of it.  It is so light to move around on its casters.  Managed to download Rowpro but it is a bit buggy.  Still connected to C2 and did a 500m set.  Later in the day I sussed out how to race against myself earlier in the day and promptly lost by 0.6 of a second.

    Then did a 5000m set in 26mins 09secs.  Probably not fast at all but my WHR was at around 80%.  Now off to look into the Pete Plan.


  • Ooooh, a shiny brand new C2 ... I remember how excited I was when mine arrived. They're not cheap and I thought long and hard before spending. But I reckon the cost of it has been part of the motivation - don't want to waste the money.

    Becky, if you find the current version of RowPro buggy you can download the earlier ver 2. I reverted to it after not getting on with ver 3. There's not a lot of difference.

    The thing about the Pete Plan (or Plans, there are several apart from the main one) is to read the pacing advice. It took me a couple of false starts before I took that on board.

    As for today ... 8 x 500m 3:30 rest, as per the Pete Plan. One of my favourites. Now knackered but feeling goodimage

  • Hello. May I join here please? I use a Concept II once or twice a week, and usually do 1 speed session and 1 lengthy session for stamina.

  • Hi. Been researching the pete plan. I don't think I will do the main one as it is 6 days a week. I only intend to row 3 days a week as cross training around my running and cycling. Any ideas on plans? Has anyone tried the row pro coaching?
  • Hello Vixx, climb aboard image

    Becky - I only row three days a week. I follow the PP but each week just takes me two to complete.

  • Thanks Muttley - it'll be nice to have some motivation. I used to hate using the concept II when I was at college (mainly because the senior PE lecturer would be standing over me going on about technique), but have started to use it again because of the cross-training qualities it has for an all-body workout image

  • Yesterday was a running day, and fortunately I got my tempo done before it turned icy. Thick frost on the ground this morning but blue skies so a fine day to sit on the erg. Steady slow row done, 45 minutes, hr well low because it was cold in the conservatory so result all round image

  • Did day one of my training plan yesterday. A really slow 22spm. With low heart rate. Did that. Then decided to do another. 2000m at my normal pace. Did the rowing yesterday as legs were recovering from the mine miler on Sunday. Tempo run on treadmill tonight.
  • Hiya! Can I join in too please? I decided to get back on my rower today as a cross training day and although I only did 20 minutes it was a nice change from the 5k running plan I am currently doing image so will probably row once or twice a week between running!

    BB (Leigh)

  • Hello and welcome aboard BB1971 ... image

    After a rest day yesterday I would normally do my long slow run today. But there is thick ice on the ground so stuff that. I feel a session on the erg coming on a little later today, and lsr tomorrow in the rain instead.

  • Thanks Muttley image  legs were like lead today so I did a really half arsed run and gave up!! Will try again tomorrow cos its a slow 50 min run scheduled in the training plan!!

  • Did a 30min pyramid intervals followed by 2500m row. Have rowed 8500m since getting the rower last Saturday image
  • BB, I find that the day after a row my running legs are really frisky. A good bash on the erg seems to loosen them up. Maybe I'm weird.

    Becky boo, have you seen the distance award scheme on C2's website? That first million metres will pass surprisingly quickly image

    I did the Pete Plan endurance intervals this evening. Five times 1,500m, 5 mins rest. Feels good, slightly weary now, looking forward to long run tomoz, yay!

  • Becky Boo - you are off, and on your way to join the Concept 2 Million Meters club!

    It was a non running day today - did asteady 10k as art of the Pete Plan
  • Hurrah my C-Beeze turned up from the US and wow what a difference that makes.  Will be so much cooler now image

    Have sussed something else out tonight.  Getting my Rowpro logs onto the Concept log book and did some rankings.  Haven't really gone for an all out row yet so they can only get better!

  • Did a slow run today and it felt good. Xmas shopping all day tomorrow but might fit in a row when we get home image)

  • I used to have a C-Breeze. I didn't get on with it because it cooled only one side of me. I'd finish a row dry on one side and dripping on t'other. Then I got a fan but the draught of cool air gave me a headache. So I am resigned to being a sweaty boy, especially when the sun is on the conservatory in summer.

    Went out for a 10-mile run yesterday in driving wind and rain. And did a 45-minute steady Pete Plan row today as the sun shone down warmly. I could have swapped them round but that would have meant I'm a wimp.


  • I sweat like a nutter on the rower, more on the left side than the right for some reason.

    It seems to be really clicking at the moment, did another 5k to end my lunchtime gym session today, feeling very comfortable at 1:54/5 pace for 4k so increased the stroke rate and maintained a bit quicker than 1:50 pace for the final k, total 18:52.

    I've never logged a proper 5k time-trial so might beast myself before the year's out.

  • Nice going Phil. I have done a couple of 5k time trials, but am slow. I did manage to knock about 9 seconds off my time on Sunday though, but was going for a bigger target (13km in an hour).

  • Did a 6km run today and because i decided to massage my calf muscles with a rolling pin first they did not burn at all! Result!! Will be running again tomorrow and back on the rower on Thursday I think image

  • Thats my first 3 weeks of the Pete Plan done. I may drop the speed intervals as I get into marathon training and stick with the speed endurance and steady rows.

    Perfect machine for PhilPub is the Concept 2 Dynamic - the fly wheel is on the left side level with your waist - perfect for left sided cooling!
  • Did another 7k row yesterday. Today 3 mile threshold run. 24k total on rower in 10days
  • Well, I can't match Phil's times but I'm gradually making progress on my 5,000m sessions to the magic 20 minutes marker. First session, back in summer, was an easy 21 minutes. The aim is to slice a couple of seconds off each time. Slowly does it. Last sesh was 20:25, from 20:27. Oh, and the other part of the aim is not to trash myself in the process, this is training not racing.

    And talk to me about sweating on the erg. It fairly pours out of me.

  • Well done Muttley - that's good progress! image

  • Thank you Vixx - but it gets tougher each time ... little chance of ever getting sub-19 Phil-style but an old dog can dream.

    Supposed to do a steady 10k or so today. But it's the end of the world at 1115 apparently. Hmmm. Might as well be sitting and sweating on the erg when the sky falls in.

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