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    A-r - So I take it rowing won't feature as much as in previous marathon training, due to following the Hanson plan?  Active recovery rather than substitute for running mileage?

    I oiled the blades on my hair clippers for the first time in months.  Makes a surprising difference!  image

  • Good idea, I will oil the clippers when I do the chain. image

    Yes, it has become a bit of a recovery vehicle so far. I'd like to find a space for one tempo session in addition to the light aerobic rows to keep my hand in. It took a few weeks to adjust to running 6 - 7 days per week, but I think I am there now. Most of the adjustment wasn't physical, it was more trying to organise the day to fit things in.

    The Hanson coach who set the plan gave thumbs up to the rower provided I'm not skipping runs or unable to hit workouts. So now that things are settled, I am slowly pushing the boundaries, increasing easy run mileage, and adding back in a bit of rowing.

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    Those who are of a nervous disposition should look away now.

     This is what 6 million metres on the erg have done to my hands image

  • image      image     image


  • Hi guys,

    I'm training for a few half marathons/ 10k's and have recently taken a bit of an interest in the rowing machine at the gym.

    Do you have some realistic targets/ challenges that you could set someone who is completely new to the erg?



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    muttley - Ouchy!!  The last time my hands looked anything like that was when I attempted to row with real oars, with feathering and all that caper.  image

    mrp - I'd approach it a bit like running or anything else, except to say put a big emphasis on getting your technique right as you progress.  So start off just building up the time you can spend on it at a comfortable effort, 10 mins, 15, 20... You'll soon get a feel for what pace you can maintain for a given effort (because it's in your face ALL THE TIME!) so you'll naturally try to improve on this.

    I personally didn't think about doing any kind of quality sessions till I was happy doing 20-30mins comfortably.  At which point, if I'd known about Muttley's much-loved Pete Plan I probably would've cracked on with this, because it's an excellent way of checking on your progress with interval sessions.  Also take a look at the Concept II website for general tips, illustration of good technique, etc.


    Another session PB for me at lunchtime, a repeat of the 2 x 15mins (5 min rest) session.  Pace for the two segments was 1:48.7 / 1:48.8 (both 29 spm), just over a half second improvement on the last attempt and inside 10k pb pace of 1:49.4.  When I'm feeling brave I might try a 10k TT at sub-1:49 pace.  That'll hurt.

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    My hands don't hurt any more, they've hardened into calluses. I should have photographed the blisters I used to have. I had to stop a session once to wipe the handle because a huge blood blister had burst image

    Greetings mrp. Good advice from Phil about technique and websites to check out. The Pete Plan site also has a beginners' plan, or you could look at the interactive plans on the Concept 2 website.

    Technique is fairly straightforward. Someone (I think Phil) posted a link to an excellent demonstration a page or so back. Legs - torso - arms/shoulders, in that sequence, is basically what you need to know!

    Did the 12 x 500 metres 1 min rest yesterday ... tricky one to pace, overcook it in the first few and you pay the price soon enough.

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     Getting closer ........ just another 18 seconds to find from somewhere!!

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    He's back!  Good work Mr I. Clearly a steady hand at the end of it as well, with a less blurry photo.  image

    My foot's still struggling with any attempts at faster running, so therefore continuing to crank out a reasonable amount of effort on the gym sessions.  I managed another session PB today for my progressive 45 minutes, the first time I've gone over 12k for that time.  Average pace 1:52.3, 25spm, with 15 min sections breaking down:

    1:55.3 / 3900m / 23spm
    1:52.2 / 4000m / 25spm
    1:49.4 / 4112m / 27spm 

    My comfortable "free rate" for 10k efforts starts off about 28/29 so definitely a PB on the cards the next time I feel like giving it a go. 

    I'm also getting used to keeping a looser grip on the handle, so no blistering.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Just another 18 seconds .... easy peasy image

    My running routes are a bit shorter now because of the Thames being in flood. So lots of slow steady erging, base-training stylee, an hour at a time with hr averaging about 60-65 per cent of max. Boring but beneficial, bearable with a cheesy 1970s and 80s soundtrack.

  • Bumpity bump for Beth85.

  • Thanks Muttley!
  • You're welcome. Hopefully you'll find something of value among the waffle and ravings.

    I've just topped the 6 million metre mark on my beloved erg, yay! I might just open that bottle of Skinners Betty Stoggs (my favourite) this evening to celebrate.

    I also did a max hr test on the erg t'other day. It was devised by a chap called Fletcher. You do 4-minute reps with a couple of minutes' rest, each rep being 5 sec/500m faster than the previous. Let's just say I found it quite effective at discovering my erging max. I topped at 165, 10 bpm below my running max. I managed to hold onto my lunch. Just.

  • Wow, that's impressive! image
  • Muttley - 6 million metres.  Bravo!  image

    Mr I - cracking sub-20 and still has a steady hand!  Bravo!!  imageimage

    My mid-week gym routine has gone back to 2/3 x spinning + 2 x rowing, rather than the other way round, since (a) I don't have any rowing competitions coming up, (b) spinning is more fun, and (c) I want to get cycling-fit for the summer.  Still, was only 7 metres short of my 45mins session pb on Monday, so I may man up and have a go at the 10k pb again soon.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Well a couple of beasty rowing sessions per week seems to be enough to be ticking over nicely.  Another session PB today, by 8 whole metres.  image  2 x 15 mins (5 mins recovery), average pace 1:48.7 / 1:48.5.  Still haven't had the guts to try the 10k TT though.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Well done chaps, keeping the flame burning, I see ... I'm a bit slower than either of you image

    I'm taking a break from the Pete Plan and for the time being doing lots of maintenance metres before another bash at it.

    In the meantime the weather is clearing up and the flood waters are receding so there's more running on the agenda.

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    There's nothing like a good blast of Jake and Elwood when you're grinding out those metres.

    "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the LA Amphitheatre. Well here we are in the late 70s going on 1984 and so much of today's music is ... "

    Makes the time fly by image

  • theres me, I just row for one hour and that equates to 13000m + some, I thought that was good, need to go away and practice.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    That's about my pace, Roy.

  • Bump


    what sort of strokes per minute am I meant to be doing?    I have got my session upto 30 mins now at 35 some (damper is on 5).  I have read some of the pete plan and it mentions 30 rpm.   

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    Resurrecting a thread for Easter.

    Anyone still doing this? This week I got on an erg for the first time in years.  Felt puny.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I'm still doing it! About 6000m done today, gentle aerobic, next session up is short intervals.

    I started the year determined to see out this plan but for most of March was laid up with the dreaded lurgy so I decided to restart from scratch. If I take it all the way to the end it should keep me busy for the rest of the year at least.

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